​Brands We Trust: Guardian Tactical Recon OTF Knives

​Brands We Trust: Guardian Tactical Recon OTF Knives

Oct 14th 2021

Brands We Trust: Guardian Tactical Recon OTF Knives

Not many companies are 100 percent committed to producing the best possible products. Then there’s Guardian Tactical, a leading authority on the design and manufacture of tactical OTF Automatic knives made in the USA. Guardian Tactical is the envy of their competitors when it comes to innovation, design, manufacturing and customer satisfaction.

Knives Like No Other

When it may be the only thing standing between you and your attacker, the quality and manufacture of your knife is not something you want to take for granted.

Only machinists with the highest skill levels, assembly technicians with a meticulous eye for detail and facilities that are continually updated to have the most advanced CNC technology are involved in the production of each piece.

In fact, a tactical knife from Guardian is only considered finished after it has passed Guardian Tactical’s award-winning quality tolerance testing systems.

3 OTF Models

There are 3 models and sizes to choose from and listed from largest to smallest. The Recon 040, Recon 035, and GTX-025. All 3 are aluminum handles with Elmax stainless steel blades. The smoothest OTF on the market, the thumb slider has bearings in the bottom of the switch and glides on metal plate making it an easy OTF to operate for all ages and genders.

Made for Every Situation

A quality tactical knife should pack a punch, but what’s the point of carrying a pretty knife that isn’t suited to your needs?

Guardian Tactical understands that each knife owner is looking for something slightly different for their tactical weapon. That is why Guardian Tactical’s custom survival knives are fully customizable and can be designed to perfectly match your needs.

While the company offers full customization of each knife and has a selection of models available, there are some pieces from the Guardian range that are must-haves for knife aficionados.

The new Guardian Tactical Recon OTF is just one example. The sleek design of the black anodized alloy handle is flawlessly paired with a telescoping Elmax blade. The easy to manipulate thumb slide, lightweight frame and drop-point blade design make it a classic.

Grips Designed for Performance

Often overlooked for the blade, the grip is a critical feature of your tactical knife.

As knife tech advances, there has been an evolution of grip materials from the classic wood and leather models toward more efficient aluminum. The handle of choice for today’s tacticians is carbon fiber due to the lightweight but incredibly strong nature of the material.

Guardian seems to have perfected the use of carbon fiber in its knives. The streamlined design of the handle is easy on the eyes and feels good in the hand. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing tools and techniques take one of the toughest materials in the world and effortlessly mold and curve it to a near-spliced fit on the blade.

Any tactical pro worth his weight in carbon fiber knows that the finish on your tactical knife should be non-reflective, as even the lowest levels of light can cause a visible reflection from a shiny blade.

Guardian Tactical offers a range of customized finishes, including gunmetal, black tactical, two-tone black, beadblast, stonewash and dark stonewash. These matte finishes maintain your discretion, and when coupled with the choice of handles available from Guardian, you end up with a piece of equipment you’ll be proud to own.

Blades That Don’t Quit

soldier with knife

Guardian Tactical utilizes Elmax steel in their blade design. Coupled with molybdenum, this gives their blades an edge while offering the essential corrosion resistance you need.

When choosing a model from Guardian Tactical, you will have no concerns about the quality of the 100 percent made-in-the-USA blade. The crucible steel used in all their models offers the dependability and performance you are looking for in a tactical knife.

Guardian’s OTF and liner lock models have the confident feeling of full tang models. The design of Guardian’s tactical models features 22 individual points of contact, and the bearing thumb slider makes their OTF the smoothest on the market.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

tactical knife

The size of a tactical knife has to strike a perfect balance. They need to be small enough to be concealable and accessible, but long enough to not limit function and complete the task at hand.

If the cutting-edge design of Guardian Tactical is not apparent enough in the near-futuristic look of their products, you don’t need to look much further than their blade design to be convinced of the quality.

While they produce a range of blade sizes for various functions, every one of their tactical and custom survival knives is designed to optimize the reach of a compact models and offer the function of a longer blade.

When coupled with the handle length, Guardian’s knives ensure maximum discretion but will stand up to any tactical situation.

Why Guardian Tactical Is Among the Best in Class

The combined features, construction and quality offered by Guardian Tactical make them the first choice for many of their high-profile clients, including the U.S. protective services, the Global Warfare Center, 360 Defense Institute and Costa Ludus.

With quality materials, design and engineering at the heart of every blade they produce, you can be confident that a Guardian Tactical blade will be there exactly when you need it.

Brands We Trust: Guardian Tactical Recon OTF Knives