Brands We Trust: Ramon Chaves Knives

Brands We Trust: Ramon Chaves Knives

Jul 17th 2018

Ramon Chaves Knife

If you really love your hobby, sometimes you take it to the next level like Ramon Chaves did of Chaves Knives. Ramon Chaves started making knives in high school and then made a knife for a friend. Ramon’s designs were so unique and beautiful and his knives so well-crafted that he was soon in popular demand. From there, Ramon’s knives became known for their durability, functionality and edge retention. Ramon teamed up with Reate Knives to begin manufacturing his designs and launched Ramon Chaves Knives.

Chaves Knives has two primary models: the Ultramar and the Chaves Handy Utility Blade, or C.H.U.B. Chaves Knives also features custom knives that really make a statement both in appearance and functionality. Every Chaves knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a guarantee of the quality of craftsmanship and materials. Ramon Chaves proudly manufactures some of the best folding and utility knives on the market.

By teaming up with Reate Knives to produce his designs en masse, Chaves Knives delivers some of the highest quality knives and styles at great prices.

Chaves Ultramar Knives

The Ultramar series of knives are specially made with either Micarta or G10 handles and quality S35VN steel blades. This heavy-duty durable knife comes in four designs: the Redención Street Drop Point, the Liberation Street Flipper, the Redención Street Tanto and the Sangre Street Flipper.

Chaves Ultramar Knives

Redención Street Drop Point

The Redención Street Drop Point is a beauty of a folding blade. The overall length of this knife is 7.50 inches, with a blade length of 3.25 inches. The handle is Micarta or G10 and the blade is S35VN steel. It features a thumb stud opener and the famous Chaves skull pocket clip that makes Ramon Chaves Knives so unique.

The drop point blade is the most popular folding knife blade, and it’s perfect for all your cutting and slicing needs. This durable blade will last in any environment, and with proper care and maintenance, it will last you a lifetime.

Liberation Street Flipper

The Liberation Street Flipper is a flip-knife with a drop point blade that functions smoothly every time you open it. It’s 7.50 inches long, with a blade length of 3.375 inches. The blade material is S35VN steel and the handle is made from either Micarta or G10 materials. The drop point blade style works best for cutting and slicing, and the flip blade is a handy way to get your work done fast.

Redención Street Tanto

The Redención Street Tanto features all of the quality materials and design of the Redención Street Drop Point, but with a tanto blade. The tanto blade is inspired by the Japanese tanto sword, which features an unsharpened back and an angular upturn at the final third of the blade. This blade style works best for piercing and stabbing, especially sturdy materials. The Redención Street Tanto is 7.50 inches long, with a blade length of 3.25 inches. It has a thumb stud opener for easy access.

Sangre Street Flipper

The Sangre Street Flipper is a unique flip-knife which features a Wharncliffe blade style. The Wharncliffe blade is generally a safer blade because the spine is dull and the point curves downwards. It’s an excellent choice for cutting and slicing through heavy materials, with a light piercing tip for when you need it. The Sangre Street Flipper is 7.625 inches long, with a blade length of 3.375 inches.

Sangre Street Flipper

The C.H.U.B.

The Chaves Handy Utility Blade is a unique utility blade that you’ll want for its design and its functionality. The C.H.U.B. features the Chaves skull clip that really makes this knife an eye-catching piece of artwork. The knife is 3.1 inches long and is machined from solid titanium. It is built to last through any heavy-duty work you put it through and the blade deployment is always smooth and dependable.

Chaves Knives Guarantee

Ramon Chaves not only designs beautiful and brawny knives, but he also stands by the quality of each one of them. With his limited lifetime warranty, Ramon guarantees that if there is any failure of your knife due to manufacturing defects or workmanship, he will repair or replace your knife at no cost to you.

Ramon stands behind his designs and the manufacturing skills of Reate Knives, which is why his brand is trustworthy and reputable.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a high-quality folding knife, flip-knife or utility blade at reasonable prices, Chaves Knives manufactures some of the best products on the market. They are sleek, stylish and made from materials that will hold up under all conditions. From a small hobby in his backyard to the launch of Chaves Knives in 2010, Ramon Chaves continues to produce durable knives that will last you a lifetime.