Buying a Folding Knife

Buying a Folding Knife

Posted by Clayton on Jul 30th 2015

Microtech LUDT Black Auto Satin Serrated

Folding knives have both a practical and protective use. Whether you carry one for work, as a convenience or for your walk to your car after work, finding the right one is almost as important as having one.

Different Types of Knives

There is more than one type of knife that serves different purposes. Fixed blade knives are knives that do not fold, which are put in a sheath when not in use, and that are larger than other knives.

Folding knives or pocket knives are knives that fold on a fixed point. Folding knives are better suited for compact storage and can sometimes have springs in them. This makes them more practical for everyday carry as they will fit in your pocket or purse.

Finding the Right Knife

When looking for your own knife, selecting one based on the activities for which you intend to use it is the best way to start. If you are searching for an all-purpose knife for every-day use, then a folding knife is the perfect choice.

A folding knife can also fit some personal protection needs, too, as it is light and compact. There are also tactical folding knives.

Categories of Folding Knives to Consider

Before you purchase a folding knife, consider what your purpose is in purchasing the knife. Consider, too, your lifestyle, if you want to carry the knife daily, use it on special occasions, or just add it to your collection.


There are many companies that make folding knives. Some of the more notable knife brands to consider are Kershaw, Emerson, Medford, and Microtech.

These companies each make quality knives and are including in the comparison list below.


You can judge a folding knife using many different criteria. Three of the most useful are practicality, usability, and maintenance.

Some Suggestions for a Quality, Everyday Folding Knife

There are many quality knives suitable for daily use. Some of the ones you might want to consider include:

Like most of the folding blade knives, the practicality is always a plus, but one aspect that makes these seven knives stand out more than some others do is pricing. Reasonably priced, they still offer a sleek, light design and weigh less than most other knives.

These folding knives are designed with a grip that forms to your hand. They also feel exceptionally nice when you are holding them. These knives offer folding blades that have a spring that opens the blade quickly. These are known as assisted blades.

These knives are some examples of folding knives that are light, well-made, and offer more practicality for carrying than some others on the market.

Tactical/Survival Folding Knives

Tactical knives or survival folding knives are made by companies like Emerson, Zero Tolerance, and Microtech, all of which offer excellent knives to fit survival or tactical needs.

Some of the best blades in this category include the:

  • Microtech Marfione Sigil Black DLC
  • Emerson Multitasker EDC 2
  • Zero Tolerance 0450CF
  • Medford Knife and Tool Praetorian Tan Flamed Titanium PVD Tanto
  • Microtech Troodon OTF

The practicality of these knives often depends on the size and multi-use or multi-tool functions. Some survival knives like the Emerson Multitasker EDC 2 offer multiple tools for just about any task that might come along.

When using these knives, it really depends on the task you need the knife to perform. For survival and tactical situations, a good, solid blade along with multipurpose tools give you a better range of use.

Serrated or Non-Serrated Edge

Some potential users may have a problem with choosing between a serrated and non-serrated edge. A serrated edge requires a bit more knowledge and practice to sharpen and clean. However, it is easy to learn, and should not deter you from selecting a practical and usable knife.

Cleaning and Sharpening

Folding knives tend to take more time to clean than others do because of the nooks and crannies where gunk and dirt can build up.

Sharpening usually is not a problem. For example, when sharpening or cleaning a Kershaw, the blade itself is maneuverable and easy to maintain. Most Kershaw knives do not have a serrated edge, which makes maintenance easier. Though those with serrated edges can still be sharpened, you just need to work on each individual edge.

Final Thoughts

Finding a good folding knife depends most on for what you expect to use the knife whenever you are carrying it. Use this article as a guide for choosing your next folding knife. In the end, it is truly up to the individual, and their personal tastes and preferences.