Reate Knives Torrents Titanium Flipper Knife

Reate Knives Torrents Titanium Flipper Knife

Posted by Clayton on Jan 29th 2015

David Deng of Reate Knives out of China is making a name for himself. I know many of you only buy American Made products. But you are really missing out on a quality Chinese knife maker. This is not an outsourced Chinese operation, this is a Chinese company making incredible high quality production knives that are worthy of a custom knife price tag and David Deng is the man in charge.

The latest in a line of Reate Knives is called the "Torrent", a high quality titanium framelock flipper with attitude and sexy good looks. The design and craftsmanship of this knife is quite spectacular and for those that don't want to buy a Chinese made knife, I would ask you to watch this overview video by a very well respected name in the industry, Jim Skelton below:


The first thing you notice about this flipper is the high quality blade steel David has chosen to use Bohler M390 which is a very high quality blade steel making the price of this knife very realistic given the materials used. It is just a bit over 3.5" and has a beautiful two tone dark stonewash and matte finish. The blade is harpoon style with satin flats and it really looks clean for a machined production blade.

The Reate Torrent opens via flipper or oversized over travel thumb stops, (not thumb studs) on ceramic bearings and ceramic detent which makes this blade as buttery smooth as you can get out of a production flipper knife. The lockbar stabilizer is built in with a steel lockface insert to make steel on steel lock up rock solid. The finger choil is present on the Torrent which was not available on the Horizon.


The Reate Torrent has an all titanium handle that measures just under 5" and has a nice gray finish with textured lines. The bevels on the edges and the lines this knife has are extremely sexy to the eye. It has a great feel as well and ergonomically fits the hand well. The Torrent knife is a tad smaller than the Horizon.

The Todd Begg Knives 3D designed sculpted pocket clip with ceramic ball makes this knife in and out of the pocket quickly. The hardware and pivot screw are titanium with a pretty light blue tint. The titanium backspacer is a thing of beauty that sits flush with the handles. The edges and holes are blue making this knife very classy.