The Critical Features of Looking at a Good Hunting Knife

The Critical Features of Looking at a Good Hunting Knife

Sep 2nd 2021

The Critical Features of Looking at a Good Hunting Knife

If you feel passionate about hunting, chances are that you've become a knife connoisseur. Your goal for this upcoming season is to find the perfect hunting knife, but your search has been overwhelming due to the copious information out there. Fear not! In this blog post, we will provide crucial qualities to consider when purchasing an excellent hunting knife - so you can get back in the wild confidently and easily.

Blade Type

Your blade choice should hinge on the game you're hunting; a drop point with a curved edge is ideal for a big game, granting effortless skinning and gutting capabilities. On the other hand, clip points are better suited to small game and intricate slicing tasks.

Blade Size

If you're going after a big game, like elk or deer, a blade of at least four inches is your best bet for skinning and field dressing. But a two-inch knife should suffice if you are only hunting small animals such as rabbits or squirrels.

Blade Material

When choosing the right hunting knife, its blade material is paramount. For instance, stainless steel blades are corrosion-resistant and don't require much maintenance, whereas high-carbon steel ones offer superior durability but need more upkeep.

Handle Material

Not only will the handle material affect your knife's appearance, but it is also essential for comfort and stability. Commonly used materials include wood, bone, G10, and Micarta - each providing a distinct feel and grip. Ultimately decide upon one that meets your requirements.


Pay attention to the tang, an extension of the blade running into the handle. A full tang blade offers superior strength and balance, allowing you to easily take on even more strenuous tasks.


Careful thought should be given to the sheath material. It needs to be tough enough to keep your knife secure and form-fitting, avoiding any potential danger when it is transported. Leather or Kydex are regular choices used for this function - both create a strong hold on its contents.


Of equal significance, you must consider your budget before buying a hunting knife. Consider the blade type, size, material, and handle of the knife to determine its cost.

Now It's Time to Get the Hunting Knife You Deserve

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