The CRKT Redemption Ken Onion Fixed Blade Knife Review

The CRKT Redemption Ken Onion Fixed Blade Knife Review

Posted by Clayton on Mar 28th 2013

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Unless you are a complete stranger to the knife world, chances are you know the name Ken Onion. He is a master knife maker and designer that happens to be working with CRKT on several creations which usually consist of assisted opening knives. However on this latest collaboration, Onion is going with a fixed blade, which he knows plenty about.

The CRKT Redemption is a massive fixed blade knife with a Ken Onion look and feel. The handle is ergonomic and contoured to fit perfectly in the hand and the blade has a flowing re-curve that is typical of a Ken Onion designed blade.

Now the Redemption is not your every day camping or hiking sheath knife, in fact it is more of a "deep in the wilderness" kind of knife.


The overall length of the Redemption is a whopping 15 inches with a blade length of 10 inches. The Onion style drop point recurve blade is made from 01 Tool steel and is shaped to maximize cutting performance. The blade has a flat grind and a 3/4 tang making for a solid slashing or chopping fixed blade.

The Redemption can easily chop down 1-2 inch limbs with one strike. Larger that 2 inches and it might take a couple whacks to slice through it.


The ergonomic style handle on the CRKT Redemption is made from G-10 with contoured swells and grooves to fit nicely in the hand. We found the Redemption to feel great in the hand even though it is a larger fixed blade knife.


If your gonna go big then you have to have a sheath to fit and CRKT spared no expense with a black nylon kydex lined belt sheath that features a very handy velcro front utility pouch along with leg strap and dual ties.

If your gonna spend some time in the backcountry and need a larger machete style knife then the CRKT Redemption is highly recommended. It is aggressive but sleek and since it is a Ken Onion CRKT collaboration, what's not to like :)