Crucial Instructions for Sharpening Your Knife

Crucial Instructions for Sharpening Your Knife

Aug 24th 2021

Crucial Instructions for Sharpening Your Knife

As a knife fan, you've just acquired your new blade and want it to remain immaculate for years. However, uncertainty lingers as you want to ensure that all measures are taken regarding the sharpening of said weapon. To aid with this task, we have crafted this blog which provides comprehensive guidance on how best to sharpen any knife, ensuring optimal performance over extended periods!

  1. Everything Starts with a Coarse Stone

When it comes to sharpening any blade, the first step is to wet your stone with a paper towel. Make sure to move your knife across the stone in one direction only; this ensures that all of the material on the knife is removed properly.

  1. Find the Right Angle

To attain the ideal angle for your blade, align it perpendicularly with the stone. By rotating it so that it's halfway between vertical and horizontal, you can split the space in half to get a 22.5-degree angle - perfect for this job!

  1. Stay Consistent

Now that your knife is in hand, it's time to sharpen! Begin with the blade's edge in one corner of your whetstone and make a smooth motion toward yourself, ending when the tip reaches its designated diamond. Maintaining consistent pressure is key for achieving an accurate finish; don't increase or decrease intensity as you move along.

  1. Change the Sides

Now switch the stone around and begin honing your knife's blade with the corner closest to you. As you glide away from yourself, do equal swipes on either side of the blade, or else it could be over-sharpened. Afterward, inspect your work for precision—you want a balanced finish!

  1. The Burr Must Be Taken Away

To eliminate the burr created after sharpening one side of the blade, you must glide your knife away from yourself in a deliberate manner. This will evenly reduce both sides of the edge and bring it back to its optimal condition.

  1. Finish With a Fine Stone

The last step is to use a fine or medium-grade stone to smooth down the edge of your blade. This process will bring out a polished finish and help maintain consistent sharpness on both sides.

One Step at a Time Will Lead to Success

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