Custom Knives for Collectors

Custom Knives for Collectors

Posted by Clayton on Jul 18th 2017

Whether you have been collecting knives for a long time or you have just realized that the increasing number of knives you own is, in fact, a collection, a custom knife can be a fantastic addition. There is nothing like a custom knife to define the character of your collection and to give it shape. There are a large number of custom blades available, so make sure you select one you are going to enjoy for a long time to come.

Why Collect Custom Knives?

The experience of receiving your custom knife is a truly special one. When you unbox your knife, you will be blown away by the unique piece you have received. The craftsmanship that you love in the knife has also been applied to this item; it makes for a complete experience that shows you the care and precision that goes into these knives.

With a custom knife, you have the added satisfaction of knowing your knife is not going to be found in just anyone's pocket. It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that is yours alone.

What to Look For in a Custom Knife

When you are deciding on a custom knife, consider what it is that you intend to use the knife for. Make sure the knife will be suitable for the use you have in mind. The last thing you want is to spend a good amount of money on a beautiful knife, only to end up damaging it by using it for something other than its intended purpose.

Also, consider you know what it is that you like in your blades. Look through your collection, so you know what size of blade you most prefer and what weight of knife feels right in your hand. With this information fresh in your mind, you are ready to start looking for a custom blade you will cherish.

If you are buying a custom knife online, buy a knife that comes with excellent reviews. One of the best ways to identify a quality knife is to hold it in your hand. If you are buying online, that isn't possible. That's why you will want to look for reviews of other knives made by the knifemaker you are interested in. Sticking to well-known names will guarantee you a quality purchase.

Custom Knifemakers to Look Out For

Kirby Lambert

Kirby Lambert has a reputation for making knives that are beautifully finished and are often praised as being perfect. The precision that goes into these knives creates a final product that is striking and feels wonderful in your hand. The price of Kirby Lambert knives belies how masterfully put together these knives are, which makes them a fantastic choice for your collection.

Anthony Marifone

Tony Marifone is the founder of MicroTech Knives. Tony will make a limited number of custom knifes based on the production knives from MicroTech. By refining the design or adding unique features, Tony makes custom knives that are highly sought after.

Ramon Chaves

Ramon specializes in making knives that are built to be used. They are durable and built from the best quality materials. He aims to make knives that will last your whole life, and you will love the look and feel of them so much that you will want to keep them that long.

Todd Begg

Todd uses the experience he gained during his time in the military to create top-notch designs. Working in the aerospace industry has allowed him to hone his skills as a machinist. This combination of skill and experience allows him to create custom knives that are exquisite to behold. Each blade is finished to such a high level that no tool marks can be seen. His aim when he creates a knife is to produce a quality piece of work that will be handed down through generations.

Some Striking Custom Blades, by Type:

OTF Knife

The understated black anodized handle of this OTF blade makes the blue titanium hardware pleasingly eye-catching. This stunning piece is a collaboration piece between Anthony Marifone and Deryk Munroe.

Auto Knife

This beautiful auto knife features a beautiful anodized handle with an orange, rose-themed skeleton design. It features a push-button opening mechanism and weighs only 3.5oz. While a limited edition, this knife won't break the bank.

Flipper Knife

If you want a standout piece for your collection, this is it. This Marifone custom Flipper Knife has a range of stunning dragonskin effects on the blade, the handle, and the clip. This beautiful knife is a work of art.

Fixed Blade Knife

This handsome fixed blade knife by Borka Blades is new for 2018. It comes with a cord-wrapped handle and a strikingly shaped blade. This blade has a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon coating) finish which means that it is extremely durable and will keep its stunning look.