Does Illinois Allow Microtech Knives?

Does Illinois Allow Microtech Knives?

Jun 30th 2020

Illinois is a great state to visit if you're an outdoor enthusiast. Whether you're into camping, fishing, bird watching, or just taking in the scenery, Illinois has plenty of natural beauty. With 15 amazing lakes and 804 great hiking trails, the 'Land of Lincoln' is perfect for outdoor activities.

Going out to explore Illinois's amazing nature requires you to be prepared with the perfect equipment. The right gear often includes a perfect and sharp blade. In this blog, we'll talk about the famous Microtech Knives and their legality in the state of Illinois. Read this blog before purchasing your knife for your next trip to nature around Illinois.

Updated Knife Laws For The State Of Illinois

As you might know, Microtech Knives have a wide variety of fixed, folding, and OTF blades. Here's what the state of Illinois has to say about carrying these with you:

Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blades typically have longer blades, allowing for a wider range of applications with blades up to 13" long. They're ideal for outdoorsmen and hunters looking for some survival activities in the woods. Fixed-blade knives are allowed in public with some restrictions:

LEGAL TO OWN and CARRY these knives:

  • It is legal to carry a knife openly if the blade is less than 3 inches long.
  • Conceal and Carry is completely legal, as long as the blade does not exceed 3 inches in length.


Any blades over 3 inches are considered dangerous weapons and, therefore, cannot be carried in public places.

The Viking Fixed Blade Knife

Folding Knives

Folding blade knives have a smaller number of moving components and are, therefore, more practical and flexible in every activity since they can be handled, opened, and shut with just one hand. Folding blade knives are usually legal to own and carry in public with the following limitations:

LEGAL TO OWN and CARRY these knives:

  • Open Carry is legal as long as the knife has a blade length of no more than 3 inches.
  • Given that the blade is no longer than 3 inches in length, Conceal Carry is entirely lawful.


  • Blades over 3 inches long are considered dangerous weapons and cannot be carried on public property.
  • All folding knife knives with a blade length of 3 inches or less can be carried virtually any place.

Quick Facts About To Keep You Safe From The Law In Illinois

  • No one is allowed to own or carry a ballistic knife.
  • Schools are places where weapons are not allowed.
  • On public land, scythes longer than three inches are strictly prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to possess throwing stars.

Trust The Authorized Microtech Knives Dealers

At EKnives, we are authorized dealers of the Microtech brand. We are as passionate about knives as you are and know the importance of complying with state laws and guidelines to keep our customers safe. You can check out our variety of Microtech products on our e-commerce website and order your favorite one! If you still have questions before your purchase, feel free to contact our EKnives experts!