Does The State Of California Allow Switchblades?

Does The State Of California Allow Switchblades?

Jul 9th 2020

Are switchblades legal or illegal in California? This is a question that has probably crossed your mind before purchasing one. The laws regarding switchblades can be quite confusing, and they vary from state to state.

If you live in California and want to purchase a switchblade knife to collect or for everyday carry, this blog is perfect for you! In this blog post, we will explore the current laws surrounding switchblades in California. Stay safe and out of trouble with the information we're about to give you.

What Makes Switchblades Dangerous To Carry Around?

The main reason that switchblades are illegal in some states is that they can be used as weapons. Switchblades are small, easily concealable, and can be deployed quickly. This makes them ideal for self-defense but also criminal activity.

There have been cases of people using OTF switchblades to mug or threaten someone. This is why some states have decided to ban switchblades altogether. California isn't one of those states, yet they have regulations to ensure that switchblades are not abused.

California Regulations For Switchblades

In California, it is legal to buy, have, and carry a switchblade. However, there are some restrictions in place:

  1. The blade must be less than 2 inches long. This ensures that the switchblade cannot be used as a weapon.
  2. The switchblade must not have a button or other mechanism on the handle. This is to make sure that the blade cannot be deployed quickly.
  3. The switchblade must not be automatically opened by gravity or centrifugal force. This is to make sure that the blade cannot be deployed quickly.

These regulations are in place to ensure that switchblades are not used as weapons. If you follow these regulations, you can purchase, own, and carry a switchblade without problems.

Other Knives That Are Legal In California

Here's what you consider when possessing and carrying knives in California:

  1. Whether your knife is legal or restricted
  2. Under California law, it is legal to purchase, possess, transport, and brandish any knife that is not restricted.

The three most common types of knives:

  • Switchblades
  • Folding knives
  • Fixed blade knives

The open carry law exists to stop people from being able to conceal weapons on their bodies by requiring that the handle or hilt of the knife is visible at all times. This way, people around the person carrying the knife can see it and be aware of its presence, thus preventing potential surprise attacks.

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