Drop-Point Blades We Love

Drop-Point Blades We Love

Posted by Clayton on Jul 5th 2016

Drop-point blade knives are a hot commodity among collectors and every-day users. As one of the most popular and recognizable blade shapes in use today, there are numerous varieties, sizes, and colors.

It can be overwhelming to discern what knife is right for you. That is why we have selected some of our most beloved drop-point blade knives to demonstrate drop-point blades that function well and are excellent quality. There are so many choices to make when it comes to buying a good knife, and we have narrowed it down to a few must-haves.

Microtech QD Scarab OTF S/E Satin Combo 178-5

One of our most popular drop-point blades is the Microtech QD Scarab OTF S/E Satin Combo 178-5, the knife we like to consider the king of OTF (out-the-front) automatic switchblades. The knife has a length of 8.4” with a 3.5” long blade. The blade is made from exquisite satin finish Elmax steel with a black aluminum handle material that is firm and comfortable with grip tape inserts.

The blade opens with a thumb slide that is easy to use (and uses double-action performance to expand and retract with one simple touch), and the knife can compact down to 4.6” when closed. Attached to the handle is a right- and left-hand tip-down-style clip that makes it easy to take the knife wherever you want to go. The blade also features a serrated section that allows you to cut faster than a plain edge blade.

This blade is perfect because it is a no-frills, functional knife that can go with you easily and will do whatever tasks you need it to do.

Microtech Halo V5 OTF Automatic S/E Bead Blast Plain 151-7

Another one of our favorite blades is the Microtech Halo V 5 OTF Automatic S/E Bead Blast Plain 151-7, one of the first high-altitude, low-open (HALO), out-the-front, automatic single-action knives created by Microtech.

The overall length of the knife is 10.75” long, bigger than the Microtech QD Scarab. With a drop-point blade 4.5” long, made of Elmax, this knife is very durable and easy to hold due to its 6” black aluminum handle. It opens with an automatic pushbutton, deploying with the tightest lockup possible due to the HALO design.

Additionally, when the blade is retracted, it can easily be stored in its Kydex carry rig—a feature that has caused this knife to be one of the blades of choice for law enforcement officers.

The light weight of this blade, 5.2 oz., and elegant lines mean that you can use it as an everyday tool around the house. It is a jack-of-all-trades and an excellent investment.

Ramon Chaves Knives 325 Megalodon

Another drop-point blade we love is the Ramon Chaves Knives 325 Megalodon. Straying away from the Microtech brand, Ramon Chaves and Chaves American Made Knives produce this knife. Jason B. Stout of JB Stout Knives designed this knife. It is one of the most sought-after knives made by Chaves.

The Megalodon has a length of 7.5” and weighs about 4.5 oz. The blade is about 3.25” and made with S35VN, a touch- and wear-resistant steel. The blade is a hybrid style drop-point with a tanto stonewash finish. The handle on the Megalodon is a stonewash titanium frame lock made with 6AL-4V, making it very durable and easy to grip.

To make for a smooth opening and retraction of the blade, the steel sits on caged bearings and there is a hollow opening on the top of the blade. This is a good knife for personal use because it is simple and sturdy.

This knife is very popular. so if you are interested in owning one, act quickly!

Zero Tolerance 0562CF Carbon Fiber Hinderer

Last, but not least, is the Zero Tolerance 0562CF Carbon Fiber Hinderer. This drop-point blade has a flat ground slicer made of CTS-204P, which allows for supreme cutting efficiency. The knife is 8.3” long with a 3.5” blade made of carpenter stainless steel with a stonewash and satin finish. The knife has a carbon fiber front with a titanium black finish and features a reversible pocket clip.

There is an opener that uses an all-bearing system or a flipper, giving you a smooth blade extension. Additionally, the knife has an integrated frame lock, providing a reliable locking feature. There are no serrated edges, but it has good cutting efficiency due to the sturdy material used in manufacturing. This blade is another example of an excellent, functional drop-point blade that is a must-have for collectors.