7 EDC Essentials Every Guy Needs

7 EDC Essentials Every Guy Needs

Mar 12th 2019

There are some items that you just can’t leave home without, such as your phone, wallet and car keys. And, in the world of EDC, there is an endless variety of functional options available. However, when it comes to carrying the right gear, we believe that less is more. Pair down your EDC gear to these seven essential items.

Pocket Knife

1. Pocket Knife

If you carry nothing else, the one thing you should always have with you is a good EDC knife. A knife is a combination tool and self-defense weapon designed to get you out of any number of sticky situations.

The ideal EDC knife should be compact and durable. The best OTF knifecan make for a great EDC blade, but other EDC enthusiasts swear by their fixed blade knives. However, if you look at any list of the best knives for EDC, they are almost entirely populated by folding knives.

For a tough, functional blade at an affordable price point, you can’t beat Spyderco knives. The Spyderco Para 3 features the brand’s specialized compression lock to keep the blade stable no matter the task while the handle is constructed from G10 aluminum for excellent grip and handling. Best of all, with a compact 3” clip point blade, this EDC knife is legal in almost every state.

2. Notebook

Often when it comes to jotting things down, you are more likely to remember them in your notebook than your phone. Keep all your important ideas and information in one stylish place with a pocket-sized notebook.

Look for a notebook with a slim, compact design that fits right in your back pocket. Brands such as Moleskine or Field Notes produce outstanding quality notebooks with sturdy binding and high-density paper. Buy a style with a soft, flexible cover and avoid spiral-bound styles if you want to feel comfortable when sitting down.

3. Pen

What is a notebook without a pen to write inside it? The Ti2 Design Techliner Shorty is the perfect pocket-sized pen to keep your ideas organized. The barrel features custom etchings by master designer Mike Bond and comes with a magnetic cap to prevent ink spills. Best of all, the pen is refillable with a Uniball Jetstream ink chamber which is renowned for its smooth writing action.

4. Flashlight

While most people carry a flashlight built into their phone, this function significantly drains the battery and doesn’t emit enough concentrated light to perform tasks in low-light conditions. Carrying a flashlight as part of your EDC kit ensures you always have a reliable light source when you need it most.

At eKnives, we have the best EDC flashlight money can buy. The Mechforce Mechtorch is virtually indestructible with shockproof suspension design and hardened dual AR coated glass. The light is completely programmable with off-time memory, mode-locking function and temperature sensor. Finally, the triple channel LED driver allows the flashlight to emit up to 1,300 lumens, more than ten times the power of your phone light!

5. Multitool

While your knife should be your primary cutting and self-defense item, there are times when you need a specific tool to get the job done right, and a multitool gives you a whole toolbox in the palm of your hand.

The McNees custom APT is a streamlined, minimal multitool that gives you the essential tools you need. It is constructed from solid titanium and features a bottle opener, integrated hex-bit and holder, as well as a multipurpose pry tool. The tool also has a deep, low-profile pocket clip for easy and discreet carry.

6. Key Organizer

With house keys, car keys, office keys and every other key that you need to use daily, managing your keys can be challenging. But storing your keys in a key organizer ensures that you can find the right key every time.

The KEYBAR titanium key organizer has a sleek, streamlined design which allows you to load up to 12 keys in your preferred order and features washers between each key for easy deployment. It also gives you the option to add items like a USB or comb to your organizer to build your modern multitool.

Money Clip

7. Money Clip

For guys that find a wallet cumbersome to carry, you need a money clip to keep your cash and credit cards secure.

The Ti2 Design Minimalist money clip features a stunning Borka Blades etched paisley design. It is constructed from 6AL4-V titanium alloy, which has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, giving you a lightweight wallet with a high-tension clip strength to keep your bills and cards safe.

Final Thoughts

Keep your pockets light but always equipped to deal with any situation with these seven EDC essentials. Find out more about our range of EDC gear and custom knives on our website or call (423)-525-9477 for advice on how to build the perfect EDC kit. You can also follow us on Instagram at @E_Knives for more EDC tips.