EDC Microtech Knives Essentials in 2023

EDC Microtech Knives Essentials in 2023

Jan 12th 2021

Knives are essential tools for everyday carry (EDC). These small and often lightweight blades can provide a surprising utility no matter where you go. A quality EDC knife is invaluable for law enforcement defending themselves in a dangerous situation and performing simple tasks like opening packages.

Not only do they come in handy, but they also look tremendous. It can make for an excellent conversation piece. With many styles and sizes, there is sure to be the perfect EDC knife for any lifestyle or purpose. No matter your needs, having a reliable pocket knife with you will always come in handy!

Investing in a quality EDC knife is one of the best investments you can make, as it will last you for years and provide you with the versatility you require.

Here’s everything you will learn in this guide:

  • Microtech Knives OTF
  • Essential Microtech Knives You Should Have
  • Leading Knife Providers

Let’s cut to the chase.

Microtech Knives OTF

Microtech OTF knives are pocket knives that open and close with the slide of a button. Unlike traditional folding knives, there is no need to open or close the blade manually; instead, you have to push the sliding switch near the spine of the handle, and the blade is ready for use.

This makes them incredibly convenient and safe to carry, as they can open and close with just one hand. Microtech OTF knives are made from high-quality metals like stainless steel and titanium, ensuring they’re tough and durable enough for everyday use.

Microtech knives are incredibly versatile for various tasks. Whether you’re an outdoorsman or a collector, Microtech knives offer superior cutting performance for any application. For outdoors enthusiasts and knife collectors alike, having a Microtech knife takes your collection to another level. This is definitely for modern knife enthusiasts.

Essential Microtech Knives You Should Have

There are many types of knives in the market, and finding the perfect one depends on the specific task.

Here are 3 essential Microtech Knives experts suggests for your collection and EDC needs.

Ultratech Knife: The Ultratech Knife is an innovative cutting tool developed by Microtech Knives. It features a unique double-action system that allows users to open and close the blade with one hand. The blade, made from high-quality stainless steel, provides superior strength and durability.

The Ultratech Knife is ideal for everyday use and tactical and outdoor applications. With its ergonomic design and reliable performance, this knife is sure to become a favorite among professionals and hobbyists. Use this knife for heavy use, outdoors, and daily carry.

Combat Troodon: The Microtech Combat Troodon is an impressive knife with a unique design that appeals to many users. The interesting blade is crafted from stainless steel and has a stonewashed finish. It also features a double-edge tanto tip, making it ideal for cutting through rigid materials and providing the necessary protection.

The handle scales are aluminum and feature a grooved texture to ensure a secure grip. Additionally, the knife includes a pocket clip for safe and easy carrying. The Combat Troodon is one of Microtech’s most popular knives due to its impressive features and versatility, making it an ideal choice for any outdoor enthusiast or law enforcement personnel.

Whether you want a reliable, everyday carry (EDC) knife or to complete your knife collection, the Combat Troodon is perfect.

Dirac Delta: The Dirac Delta, made with classic Microtech materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, is a game changer for knife enthusiasts. This knife features Microtech’s first-ever double-action automatic knife with a cover firing slider. At 9 inches in length, this crowd-pleaser hits so many notes for the modern knife enthusiast.

Leading Microtech Knife Dealer

At EKnives, we offer Microtech Branded quality knives for outdoor sports enthusiasts or knife collectors. You will find more than 20 Microtech knives suitable for any activity, from outdoor sports activities like hunting and fishing to law enforcement personal defense. Find blades, from fixed knives to custom knives. We also offer other brands, such as Benchmade knives, to complete your collection.

You can also get FREE shipping on orders larger than $150. Before purchasing any OTF knife, thoroughly research the laws and regulations of your state concerning these specific knives. Find more information by clicking the link below.