eKNIVES An Official Emerson Knives Dealer

eKNIVES An Official Emerson Knives Dealer

Posted by Clayton on Jan 7th 2014

I have always had an affinity for Emerson Knives and everything they stand for. When I first started eKNIVES, Emerson was the very first brand I targeted because I wanted to partner with a great American Made company. After 2 years of trying to become an authorized dealer for Emerson, I am happy to say that day has come and eKNIVES is now an official Emerson Knives Dealer!

Here is a list of Emerson Knives we currently have in stock:

Combat Karambit

The folding Karambit is a hugely popular personal defense knife from Ernest Emerson that also comes in a fixed blade. The Karambit folder is an ancient Indonesian utility knife used for self defense. The ergonomic design allows for comfortable forward and reverse grip deployment. The Karambit features the patented Wave Shaped Feature for one handed deployment. It 2.6" 154CM chisel grind blade comes in a stonewash and black finish. The handle is made of black G-10 and has a titanium liner lock for rock solid lockup.


The CQC (close quarter combat) 7 knives from Emerson are some of the most sought after folding knives on the market. The CQC-7 comes in a Wave and Waveless version. The 154 CM blade measures 3.3" and features a chisel ground tanto or drop point edge. The titanium liner lock allows for rock solid lockup.

Mini CQC- 7

A smaller version of the CQC-7, the Mini offers an option for those wanting an easier carry edc folder.

Super CQC 8

An intimidating, hard use folder that performs like a battle tested weapon, the Emerson Super CQC-8 is like a scimitar that would scare its owner. The Emerson CQC-8 has been a favorite among Britains SAS Regiment.

Mini CQC-15

The smaller sibling to the Emerson CQC-15 (3.9" blade), the Mini is equipped with the Wave shaped feature for fast opening out of the pocket. It features a 3.5" blade with conventional V grind. The 154 CM handles are made of G-10.

Mini Commander

The Emerson Mini Commander is a more pocket friendly version of the best selling Commander folder. The Mini Commander comes with a 3.4" 154 CM blade (Commander has a 3.75") and black textured G-10 handles with a titanium liner lock. It comes with a stonewash or black blade (plain or combo).

New for 2014

Etak B

One of the most desired new tactical knives to hit the scene is the Emerson Knives Etak B. It is designed to be a utility knife, emergency response tool and tactical weapon, all rolled into one. There were 2 models Etak A which sported a clip point blade (now discontinued) and this model B which has the more desired tanto blade. The Etak blade measures 3.9" and is made from 154 CM steel. The 5" handle is black G-10 and yes the Etak comes with Wave.

EDC-2 Multitool (Multitasker) $135-$140

The Emerson EDC-2 is also new for 2014 and comes in a tan or OD green handle color. This model is slimmer than the previous thanks to the now vanished wrench feature. An excellent EDC tool or car friendly emergency response multi-tool. The EDC-2 comes with:

  • 2.7" blade Blade length
  • heavy duty Phillips #1 screwdriver,
  • An AWL punch and scraper
  • Weight is 5.3 ounces
  • 440C (black oxide finish)
  • Beefier Phillips screwdriver (between No. 1 and No. 2)
  • Slimmed down slotted screwdriver (fits the OLDERS EMERSON pivot screws!)
  • New pocket clip (2 extra set screws, not compatible with EK-1)
  • Tan and OD Green G10 scales
  • Plain edge and partially serrated blade versions