Emerson Knives Inc - The Best Hard Use Knives In the World

Emerson Knives Inc - The Best Hard Use Knives In the World

Posted by Clayton on Dec 26th 2013

Ok so there is a reason why Emerson Knives, Inc manufacture some of the best folding knives in the world. Master craftsman and knife maker Ernest Emerson started creating his collection of tactical folders back in 1979 and they have been a staple for the United States Military and for collectors alike for decades.

To know him is to say you love him and everything he and his company stand for: Pure American Pride!

WAVE Opening Feature

WAVE is called the "wave shaped opening feature" or "remote pocket opener" if you prefer and a patented technology used on most Emerson Knives. WAVE works by utilizing a hook on the spine of the blade, which when pulled out of the pocket can be snagged on the pocket or sheath and opens upon draw.

WAVE makes an Emerson Knife the fastest opening knife in the world and is now a requirement for all knives supplied to the Military Combat Units, Military Search & Rescue Units and Law Enforcement Agencies by Emerson Knives Inc.

Watch the Wave in action in this video below with an Emerson Gentleman Jim knife as compared to other automatic knives....Truly groundbreaking!


Ernest R Emerson is an American custom knifemaker, martial artist, and highly skilled edged weapons expert. Emerson started as an Aerospace engineer and began making knives for a martial arts class. In the 80's Emerson would keep knifemaking close and start to become well known for his combat knives while simultaneously making tactical folders extremely popular.

He would create Emerson Knives, Inc in 1996 in order to secure contracts with the Military for mass production of his creations. This effort would prove to be very successful for Emerson.

Some of his works have been displayed in museums as well as used by Navy Seals and also NASA.

In addition to Emerson Knives, Ernest also has his own combatives class called Emerson Combat Systems which teaches self defense and martial arts to Military, Police and civilians.

Emerson Knives

Most of Emerson's products are vast and intricately designed as only a meticulous knife maker would have it. They mostly consist of folding knives but he does make a few fixed blade knives such as the (PUK) Police Utility Knife. The very first knife produced by Emerson was called the SPECWAR. Here are some of the knives made by Emerson:

  • SPECWAR was the first knife developed by Emerson Knives Inc and it featured a 3.5" Tanto/spearpoint blade, G10 handle with Titanium liners. 7.5" overall.
  • Karambit is a small handheld curved blade folder based on Ancient Indonesian culture with a 2.6" blade, 6.8" overall.
  • Commanders are a group of recurve folding knives developed for a Navy Seal team on the west coast. The first knives to feature the WAVE "wave shaped feature" to make it the fastest deploying knife in the world. Micro,mini,commander,super and ubr.
  • Journeyman is the newest installment in the Emerson Knives lineup and it gets it's name from the hard working title it is named after. Excellent balance and durability for a hard working mans knife.
  • Roadhouse is a trio of folders (mini,roadhouse,super) that identify well with the rock n roll lifestyle. Think harley davidson or custom chopper as this knife is loud, raw and in your face style with hardcore attitude.
  • Gentleman Jim is nothing more than a folding dagger and Ernest himself describes it as slim, sleek and deadly serious. Blade is 3.7" and overall is 8.4".
  • Gyspy Jack is that free spirited knife that only a gypsy style soul could appreciate. 9.7" overall length, 4.7" blade length
  • CQC-7V is a tan G10 handle holding a V ground CQC stonewashed blade with precision grind on both sides. 8.0" overall length, 3.3" blade length.
  • A-100 is power, symmetry and grace all in one piece of craftsmanship. Emerson describes this double set of knives as the pattern he went for before he got into tactical. 7.2"-8.4" overall length and 3.0"-3.6" blade length.
  • CQC-10 an Emerson straight forward design with a brute spear point blade and became the official knife of H&K. A great utilitarian design perfect for Military and Law Enforcement. 8.5" overall, 3.6" blade.
  • Sark/P-Sark (search and rescue knife) is a life saving knife design and one of a kind only to be duplicated by many other knife making companies. Considered by many as the best rescue knife ever developed, Emerson made two versions to appease the police force, one with a point and one with a safety tip. 8.2" overall, 3.5" blade.
  • PUK Police Utility Knife is exactly what others don't make and Emerson does. Most companies make a fixed blade or bowie style knife for police but they don't need that, rather they need a fixed blade that was no longer than a folding knife opened. A huge side piece is not what a Law Enforcement need to be lugging around. They have enough stuff to keep up with, so Emerson developed the PUK utility knife. 8.3" overall, 3.6" blade.
  • CQC-8 comes in a 3 varieties such as the horseman, horseman mini and super. Emerson considers the 8 is best combat knife ever produced. It is battle tested and equipped to handle the ranch, range or battlefield.

Accolades & Media

  • Emerson Knives Commander won "overall knife of the year" award in 1999 for Blade Magazine.
  • The CQC-7 is set to be on display for the hit television series "Sons of Anarchy"
  • The TV show Burn Notice often uses Karambits and PUK from Emerson
  • A Commander knife was used in the movie Placebo Effect and Emerson knives was seen in the credits for the movie.
  • The movie Blackhawk Down saw soldiers carrying Emerson folding knives
  • Jason Statham carried an Emerson fixed blade briefly in the Transporter 2.
  • The Emerson Karambit was used to kill in the movie The Punisher.

As you can plainly see Emerson Knives are not just another run of the mill knife you buy at the local sporting goods store. These rock solid pieces of hardware are the real deal and handcrafted by an American Warrior who knows the value and respect of what it means to be MADE in the USA!