Emerson Knives to Auction Memorial Dedication Knife for Slain Navy Seal

Emerson Knives to Auction Memorial Dedication Knife for Slain Navy Seal

Posted by Clayton on Jan 17th 2013

In a move of pure class and respect by founder and owner of Emerson Knives Inc, Ernest Emerson is auctioning off a one of a kind custom created CQC-6 for famed former Navy SEAL Team 3 sniper Chris Kyle. Kyle met with Emerson back in Jan about a special blade, "a true warriors knife" according to The Daily Caller but that knife never came to fruition. Unfortunately on Feb 2 Chris Kyle was killed by a Veteran he was trying to help with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Emerson Knives

In a move that can only be labeled PURE AWESOMENESS, Emerson decided to create that knife as a memorial to the man, husband, father and former American Hero he had the pleasure of meeting. The plan being to auction the knife off and 100% the proceeds be given to Chris Kyle's family left behind.

The knife by Emerson is a titanium bolstered CQC-6, a knife chosen because it is made especially for SEAL's. It also features a 154CM blade engraved on the front with SEAL Trident and the words "Chris Kyle - US Navy SEAL -  160 Confirmed Kills - We Sleep Soundly in our Beds..." The back of the blade reads "...Because Rough Men Stand Ready To Do Violence."

"One of these knives will be put up for auction with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Kyle family, and the other knife will be my personal gift to the family in honor of a man, a warrior, a husband and a father that I am honored to have known as only a friend,” - Ernest Emerson

Bidding is currently open and will close June 8, 2013. Click Here to view the auction and bid on this wonderful piece of heartfelt craftsmanship.