Emerson ProTech Knives: A Professional's Guide to the Best Blades

Emerson ProTech Knives: A Professional's Guide to the Best Blades

Posted by Clayton on Jun 29th 2017

ProTech knives have long been a mainstay among the military, police, and other emergency responders. Whether it's their flipper motion automatic/tactical knives, fixed blade knives, or manual action folders, all ProTech knives combine stellar quality materials with excellent craftsmanship. Many of their models are even produced in small quantities so they can individually finish and hand-fit every knife.

ProTech has been collaborating with other quality knife makers, such as Ernest Emerson, another knife manufacturer best well known for a folding “Wave” style tactical knife that is also popular in the police and military markets. The result of this collaboration is the Emerson ProTech line of knives, which combines the best of both knife makers and delivers some of the finest blades available. Read on for our professional's guide to what are some of the best blades on the market.

Which type of knife is right for you?

Emerson ProTech knives come in various modes and styles. Automatic/tactical or fixed blade knives, custom-made knives, knives of different lengths, weight, and thicknesses. So, what is the right knife for you?

If you use your knife frequently, look for something that is strong, durable, portable, and easy to handle. Beyond that, think of the main tasks you will be performing—self-defense, preparing food, outdoor survival, cutting through rope or wire—and determine what blade and other knife features you require.

The knife should be comfortable to grip and provide easy handling. The weight should match the tasks you expect it to perform. Remember, the knife should be an extension of yourself.

What materials is your knife made of?

The best blades tend to be made out of high carbon stainless steel. Mid-range stainless steel blades are cheaper and still cut reasonably well, but are not as durable, and are difficult to sharpen once they get blunt. The best knives utilize steel or titanium materials for handles.

Most Emerson ProTech blades are built from 154-CM American-made high-quality stainless steel, which is the perfect mix of strength, sharpness, durability, and ease of honing/sharpening. Many blades are also coated with black Tungsten Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) for additional durability. The handles are crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, which is robust and lightweight.

Appearances matter, too!

All Emerson ProTech knives have their own unique inlay material, ranging from pearl and wood to ivory tooth, as well as individual color and tone.

Our Favorites

Now you've grasped the essentials, we've compiled a list of our favorite Emerson ProTech knives.

CQC7 Automatic Knife Punisher Tanto Chisel Black/Satin: The ProTech Emerson version of the ProTech CQC7 knife features a 154-CM stainless steel tanto black blade and satin flats, with aluminum handle and black pocket clip that tips up or down. This is a product that delivers strength, sharpness, durability, portability, and ease of opening and handling. A skull lanyard and nylon sheath are also included.

CQC-7A Automatic Knife Tan Spear Point Black: The Pro Tech-Emerson partnership has delivered another gem in this CQC-7A version of the ProTech knife. A black DLC stainless steel blade with a chiseled ground edge and anodized aluminum handle containing machined grip ensure smooth handling and efficient cutting. This is a tactical knife for all seasons. A nylon sheath is included

CQC7 Automatic Knife Punisher Tanto Black Plain: Another fine Pro Tech-Emerson infusion, this knife comes with a stainless steel 154-CM black blade with satin flats and a black aluminum handle (anodized). For strength, longevity of performance, and ease of opening and handling, this is a must-have knife. The pocket clip tips up or down, and a skull lanyard and nylon sheath are included.

CQC-7 Automatic Knife Tuxedo Ivory Micarta: Pro Tech has collaborated with tactical knife maker guru Ernest Emerson to create this unique CQC-7 automatic version of the CQC7 Pro Tech. It has a 3.25-inches long, two-tone 154-CM stainless steel blade with tanto edge, which is combined with an aluminum handle containing tuxedo ivory micarta inlay. It also comes with the push-button opening mechanism and a quality nylon sheath. Quality materials, smooth opening and handling, sharp and  versatile blade—this knife does it all.

Extra Tips

Learn how to open and properly wield your new knife and how to clean the various parts.  Maintain and look after it regularly. Take the time to learn how to sharpen your knife blade.


Emerson ProTech knives are some of the best, most innovative, and versatile blades available for professionals, hunters, outdoorsmen, knife enthusiasts, or hobbyists.