Essential Knives for Summer Activities

Essential Knives for Summer Activities

Posted by Clayton on Aug 11th 2016

Summer is now well and truly upon us, which means many people will be planning a variety of activities to enjoy. Spending time outdoors during the summer is an excellent way to enjoy the warm weather, indulge in a little adventure, and have great fun.

A sturdy knife is a perfect companion for many popular summer outdoor activities. These activities include fishing, hunting, climbing, biking, and camping, among others. Make sure the knife you invest in is designed for the type of activities in which you plan to participate.

Different Types of Knives for Outdoor Activities

Many different types of knives available are designed to cater to a range of needs and activities. Finding one that is perfectly suited to your outdoor adventures will enable you to make the most of your knife. So, let’s look at some of the popular knife options and categories you can choose from:

Survival and Tactical Knives

There are many different models available within this category. If you are going hiking, camping, or on a survival adventure, this is a perfect choice. These knives are designed to aid those in military and survival situations. They are ideal if you need something that will help you to carry out a diverse range of tasks, from prepping food to personal protection.

Survival and tactical knives can be purchased as fixed-blade or folding models. The high-quality ones are designed to withstand the elements and offer durability. One excellent choice is the Spyderco Paramilitary 2.

This stylish but solid knife comes with a powerful CPM S110V stainless steel blade and a comfortable G-10 handle. It is a folding knife that is easy to carry around and boasts an impressive compression lock mechanism. You also have the reassurance of investing in a very well-known brand with a reputation for quality.

Flipper Knives

Flipper knives are stylish and portable but can also be very powerful with superior performance. You will find a variety of options available, with different blade lengths and widths to suit your needs. You can use these knives for a range of summer activities, including hunting and fishing.

One very powerful and popular option is the EOS Squid Titanium Blue Flipper. This knife is not only a very stylish knife—it also offers excellent performance. You will benefit from a 3.6-inch CPM S35VN steel blade and a tough titanium handle. The blade measured 3.6 inches. One of the unique things about this knife is that there are fewer than 150 of them around, as they are limited editions.

Fixed Blades

Some people like the compactness and handling of folding knives for their outdoor adventures. However, you may prefer the reassurance of a traditional fixed-blade knife. You will find high-quality fixed blades from a wide range of top knife manufacturers, including Cold Steel, SOG, KA-BAR, and ESEE. These are knives that are designed to be tough, powerful, and versatile.

These fixed blade knives are suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities, including camping, survival expeditions, hiking, fishing, and hunting. The Microtech Socom Alpha G10 Tanto Apocalyptic is a very versatile fixed blade, which can be used for all sorts of purposes and activities outdoors. You can benefit from comfortable handling, thanks to the G10 handle. It has an impressive 5-inch blade with an overall length of 10 inches.  

Auto Knives

Often used in the military and by law enforcement agencies, these knives offer a combination of convenience and great performance. Their opening mechanism, which is via lever or push button, means you can quickly flick the knife open when you need it. When it is not being used, you can easily and conveniently carry it around because of its compact size.

The Kershaw Launch 5 is a tough and durable auto knife that you can take along on all of your outdoor activities and adventures. Whenever you need to use it, all you must do is push the button, and the blade flicks out. The 3.4-inch blade is made from CPM154 steel, and the handle is blue anodized aluminum. Whether you are camping, climbing, mountain biking, or engaging in other outdoor summer activities, this is a great little companion.


A good knife is an essential tool for anyone who is serious about spending time outdoors and enjoying new, exciting experiences. Whatever type of outdoor activities you plan to participate in this summer, make sure you have the right knife on hand to assist you. From chopping vegetables around the campfire to cutting through joints of meat or wood, a quality knife will prove invaluable.

Before you make your purchase, take some time to look at the specifications of the knife you are considering. You can then ensure it will be properly suited to your needs and requirements.