Why Every Man Should Carry a Pocket Knife

Why Every Man Should Carry a Pocket Knife

Posted by Clayton on Jul 7th 2015

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To compensate for our lack of cutting, slicing, and stabbing appendages, someone invented the pocket knife. Keeping one with you at all times will let you not only cut, slice or stab, but also enables you to do a host of other useful things. They are convenient tools which can serve you anytime and anywhere. There are numerous occasions you will be grateful to have a pocket knife on your person. We have highlighted a few below:


For everyday applications, pocket knives are absolutely fantastic. If you are on top of a ladder and face an unexpected cutting need, you need not bother climbing all the way down to retrieve a cutting tool. You already have your pocket knife. If you want to extend this convenience to unexpected screwdriver and wrench needs, you can find pocket knives with miniature toolbox extensions which will do the job.

Need to open a packaged delivery? Do not fumble around with scissors. It is much easier to slice through the tape with a knife. Did you know that you can cut paper straighter and cleaner with a knife than you can with scissors?


Sharpening pencils by whittling the tip with a knife is far superior to any pencil sharpener. You think you have a perfect, clean tip; then the led falls out. So you repeat the process, receive the same results, and your pencil is 2 inches shorter than it was 10 minutes ago. A knife allows you control over how much your pencil whittles down and the lead is much less likely to break.

Also, whittling and knife carving is a legitimate art form. It is interesting to observe, and some awe-inspiring masterpieces can be created with this method.


Any respectable camper should not be caught without a pocket knife. One of the main reasons campers need knives is that it makes it a lot easier to build a fire in damp weather. Dry wood and kindling are necessary to raise a fire, and they will be difficult to find if it has just rained. You can use your knife to cut away at damp tree bark, logs, and branches to access the dry wood underneath the wet surface.

Protection and Intimidation

You never know when a pocket knife may save your life. Small utility knives can be used to protect yourself from robbers and muggers. Some street smarts will tell you that not all muggers have the same courage. If you are walking down a downtown street at night and someone threatens you, gauge the situation carefully. If you feel confident enough that this mugger is bluffing, you can intimidate him with your knife, and he may flee.

Otherwise, if you are in a much graver situation, carrying a pocket knife may give you a fighting chance at self-protection.

Rescuing and Saving

It is possible that one day you will be put into a situation where you will need to save someone’s life. You will need to act quickly and decisively. Having a convenient cutting tool will only aid these situations.

For example, you may come across a person excessively bleeding. The wound will be difficult to treat if it is underneath layers of clothing. Use your knife to cut away at the clothing to reveal the wound. Additionally, you will need clean fabric to wrap the wound, which you can cut away from your own outfit.

If you witness a car wreck, you are going to step forward to see if the driver and passengers are all right. If they are unconscious, you will need to pull them out of the crushed metal. If the seatbelt clip is inaccessible or jammed, you can cut the vinyl to remove them from the tangle.

Eating Food

Utility knives can also be excellent tools for all of your dining experiences. A clean knife will allow you to share a doughnut at work, cut a peanut butter sandwich in half, or peel an apple. If you opt to carry around a multi-tool, it may also be equipped with a corkscrew, bottle cap opener, or can opener.

A pocket knife is also useful for cutting into steaks. In some regions of rural Europe, it is customary to bring your own knife to restaurants.

A Knife’s Quality

Are you convinced yet that there are many benefits to owning a pocket knife? They are not just practical and efficient, but can also be used to indicate your personal style, like an accessory. If you need a handy utility knife, you should make it a quality knife that will look sleek and last you decades.