Why Everyone Should Carry a Pocket Knife

Why Everyone Should Carry a Pocket Knife

Posted by Clayton on Apr 16th 2015

Folding KnifeThere used to be three things you could count on in life: death, taxes, and a trusty pocket knife. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but most people used to carry a pocket knife with them whenever leaving the house. Let’s discuss a brief history of the pocket knife, why to carry one, and which one is best for you, in an attempt to fully revive this too often forgotten ritual.

A Brief History

Pocket knives have been around for many centuries, and, early in their history, made convenient weapons for early explorers and soldiers. As the world became saturated with more knives and other weapons, pocket knives were used less and less.

Over the years, pocket knives regained some of their old prominence and became more widely used once again, particularly in America, first in its colonies and eventually in its military, where pocket knives were considered a necessity for U.S. soldiers during the American Revolution. This military tradition continued during the Civil War, and even through World War II, where, for GIs, pocket knives were considered standard issue.

So, while pocket knives have been carried and used for a long time, they have gradually become less of a necessity for both men and women. Part of this is because of the increased security at airports and other facilities, which prohibit the ability to carry a knife at all times. That said, there is no excuse to give up carrying your knife as often as possible. You never know when you might need it.

Why Carry a Knife?

There are many good reasons to tote a knife on a daily basis, and those reasons extend far past mere survival. Some of the most practical uses for a knife include:

  • Cutting up food. While smaller fruits like apples are most ideal, there’s no reason you can’t hack up a delicious cantaloupe with your pocket knife. Simply hold whatever you’re cutting with your off-hand and do the slicing with your dominant hand. Not only is this convenient, but you look awesome doing it.
  • Opening a box. Have you ever received a package at your doorstep, only to be forced to resort to attempting to rip the tape and whatever adhesive keeps the box intact? By using a knife, this is not only easier, but you’re able to open the package without destroying the box. This is important, just in case you open it only to discover that whatever is inside is nothing you ordered.
  • Opening a letter. We know what you’re thinking: A knife is highly unnecessary for opening an envelope. That’s true, but opening an envelope without one isn’t nearly as satisfying.
  • One of the more obvious uses for a pocket knife is when you’re out in the woods, sleeping under the stars.
  • While a pocket knife may not be the best weapon in the world, it can be very effective if you know how to use it.