Exciting New Blades from Microtech Knives

Exciting New Blades from Microtech Knives

Posted by Clayton on Sep 12th 2017

Microtech has been pursuing its goal of creating the best possible knives since 1994. Led by Anthony Marfione, the company continues to produce and release knives that rank among the best blades you can find. Its latest offerings continue the proud tradition of producing the finest and most exciting blades, perfect for enthusiasts and knife collectors alike.

Halo VI

The Halo VI is the latest version of the signature OTF Halo blade from Microtech. For fans of the Halo V, you will find the dimensions that made the Halo V such an amazing knife remain the same in Halo VI — after all why tinker with perfection?

The major difference in the updated model is the improved release button, which features a safety switch that prevents the blade from accidentally being deployed. As the Halo VI deploys with a real kick, you'll be glad to have this safety feature built in, especially as it removes the need for a rig to carry the blade.

You have a range of options in the production version of this blade, including your preferred blade type, serrations, hardware and finish. This is the single, non-serrated blade, with a black handle and black steel blade. This is a truly striking knife.

If you want an exciting option of this blade, then have a look at this custom version. The compound grind and mirror polish on the blade make an incredibly beautiful knife.

MicroTech LUDT

The LUDT is a new larger version of the classic UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) Knife that was first produced by Anthony Marfione over 20 years ago. This version is a clever update of the classic knife.

The most exciting feature of the LUDT is the explosive deployment. You will not find anything else quite like it in a folding knife of this size.

The milled handle has been grooved and contoured to fit into your hand. It comes with a clip and sits nicely in your pocket. The lanyard that comes with the blade is a convenient touch.

Once again, Microtech offers you a range of options to make this the blade everything you dreamed it could be. The version pictured above is eye-catching with the color of the blade matching the hardware, and the tan handle makes it a great knife that anyone would be delighted to own.

UTX - 85

Microtech's flagship OTF blade is the Ultratech. The UTX-85 has all the precision design of the original but comes at 85 percent the size. It contains proprietary technology that is designed to keep the firing mechanism in tip-top condition for longer than any other OTF knife. The firing spring can rest in either position, which means there is far less wear on the internal mechanisms of the blade.

The size of this knife means that it will fit perfectly into your hand. For an everyday knife to carry in your pocket, you can't do any better than this. The thumb slide for deployment is easier to operate than the full-size version, making it much more user-friendly.

The blade types available for this knife are numerous. You can choose from single or double-edged, hellhound, spartan, bayonet or as pictured above, the stylish Tanto blade. The Satin finish on this blade is picked up nicely by the hardware and richly colored handle.

Combat Troodon

Microtech's Combat Troodon has been designed with utility in mind, although, as you can see from the Signature version pictured above, that it would look stunning in an personal collection.

The durability and reliability of this knife has made it a long-time favorite for military personnel, law enforcement and first responders. The glass breaker in the hilt is stylishly incorporated into the design and adds to the already high utility of this knife.

This is an OTF that feels substantial in your hand. The thumb slide controls the fully automatic deployment and retraction, which makes it a highly effective blade. The jimping in the handle means that even though it is a larger OTF knife, it feels secure in your hand and is easy to use.

The Signature version shown here is really stunning with blue ring accents and Damascus blade. As it is a limited-run version, it does have a few small differences to the production model of this knife, which is still an awesome blade. The main difference is in the look of the glass breaker. The production version has a ball bearing style glass breaker that makes it very effective at its job.

Again, there are lots of variations to explore, but you are not going to find a nicer double action OTF blade than this.