Our Favorite Custom Knives in the Shop Right Now

Our Favorite Custom Knives in the Shop Right Now

Posted by Clayton on Sep 15th 2016

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Custom knives are unique knives made by an individual, usually in small, independent shops.

Every month we constantly have new high-quality custom knives coming onto the market. To give our customers the satisfaction they deserve, we always update our stock to suit these demands.

Our custom knives are 100% handmade and offered from innovative knife makers, including, but not limited to: Anthony Marfione, Ramon Chaves, Jerry Moen, Sebastijan Berenji, John W Smith, Robert Carter, Mick Strider and Aaron Frederick.

Here we have selected just a few of our personal favorite custom knives in the shop right now:

Microtech/Anthony Marfione Super Matrix R Abalone Inlay Mirror Polish Blade

This work of art from master knife maker Anthony Marfione is nothing short of spectacular. The Abalone inlay shows every color in the rainbow and pops very nicely against a hand rubbed titanium frame. Tony Marfione can polish a blade like nobody else so his signature hand ground M390 Mirror polish is a spectacle in itself.

Microtech Marfione Custom Matrix DLC Apocalyptic Stonewash M390

The founder of Microtech Knives, Anthony Marfione, creates Microtech Marfione Custom knives. The dagger logo easily identifies the fully custom knives, as opposed to the claw logo on the semi-custom Microtech knives.

The Microtech Marfione Custom Matrix DLC Apocalyptic M390 is a fully custom knife by Marfione. This excellent quality matrix has a titanium grip with carbon fiber/DLC. The DLC stonewash black blade is created from M390 steel bronze hardware. With just two of these unmissable knives available, they sure won’t be around for long.

Jerry Moen Custom Blue Max Auto Carbon Fiber 3.75” CTS-XHP

Jerry Moen describes himself as being “unique and artistic, yet at the same time functional and balanced.” I guess that’s what we absolutely love about the Jerry Moen Custom Blue Max Auto Carbon Fiber 3.75” CTS-XHP. This knife is an improved copy of the original Blue Max by Moen, only, this time, it is also an automatic with an easily accessible button, while also having the same sleek features as the original.

This automatic custom knife also features beautiful blue anodized hardware and a full carbon fiber handle. The blade, which is forged from CTS-XHP steel, has a two-tone, acid stonewashed quality and offers a hardy, corrosion-resilient blade. This incredible collectible piece is finished with a jimped titanium backspacer in a magical looking sapphire blue, which contrasts with the lightweight black carbon fiber handle.

This beautiful knife is also very simple to maneuver, making it not only the ideal collectible item but also an exceptional choice for everyday use.

Aaron Frederick Custom “Mathor” Westinghouse Purple Accents Hand Satin TKI 2017

This sure favorite in the shop comes straight from the sold-out  2017 TKI Tactical Knife Invitational at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, which took place in January. The Tactical Knife Invitational, hosted by Fifty Fifty Productions, offers discerning collectors the opportunity to buy top-quality knives from the world’s best knife makers.

This mesmerizing custom knife certainly shows off the incredible talent and craftsmanship of Aaron Frederick. The purple anodized hardware and liners really make this knife stand out aesthetically for us. The contrast with the hand-rubbed satin finish 3.5-inch CPM-154 blade matched to the Westinghouse handles and the copper back strap is very subtle, and we love it.

The last, but not least, reason we love this new custom knife by Frederick is the signature Aaron Frederick American Flag Wrap.

Microtech Marfione Sigil MK6 Nichols MokuTi Dragonskin Damascus

This sure favorite of ours is an electric collaboration between Anthony Marfione and Deryk C. Munroe, and they certainly have created a masterpiece art knife between them.

Munroe created his first knife, back in 1984, before becoming a full-time knife maker in 1997. He is the principal engineer and laborer at Munroe Knives and has had a lifelong fascination with knives. He gets his inspiration from the wildest and most remote places in North America.

Munroe Knives are said to be founded on innovation, evolution, and performance. We think you will agree this knife is a perfect collaboration between two excellent and state-of-the-art knife makers.

This stunning knife has an otherworldly presence, hinted at in the name: Dragonskin. The iridescent shimmer the B. Rietveld Dragonskin Damascus blade gives off gives it an epic feeling. The blued titanium hardware adds to the ethereal presence, combined with the equally magical handle, which is MokuTi from Chad Nichols.

This brand-new beauty also comes complete with a metal certificate of authenticity and deluxe Marfione Custom packaging including: a nylon zipper pouch with a metal Marfione dagger logo zipper pull and other subtle extras.

Do not miss this out-of-this-world quality custom knife. It makes the perfect purchase for any knife enthusiast.


So, those are our special favorites right now. They represent just a small number of the fantastic 100% fully custom knives we have available.