Five Reasons Why Knives Make Great Gifts

Five Reasons Why Knives Make Great Gifts

Posted by Clayton on Apr 18th 2017

Knives can symbolize survival and subsistence. It is hard to imagine where the world would be without the use of different forms of blades. Matters of fundamental existence and practicality aside, knives can be visually interesting, ornate, artistically decorated, and appealing to different lifestyles.

Knife aficionados will treasure the beauty and exquisite workmanship of a finely crafted blade and handle. A gift of a good quality knife is equally akin, if not more so, to giving fine wine or liquor, decadent chocolates, or craft beer. Furthermore, a fine quality knife lasts, so the recipient will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Christmas, birthday, wedding, anniversaries, and other celebrations—you can give knives as gifts for them all. Here are five reasons why knives can make great gifts, broken down by tactical and practical use.

  1. For a Hunter or Fishing Enthusiast

Any hunting or fishing enthusiasts will understand the importance of practical and functional features in a knife to suit their type of prey and capturing technique. Fisherfolk, boat users, and underwater divers will value knives designed for use in wet conditions. Hardcore hunters will almost certainly always utilize the protective carrying sheath or holster to keep the knife safely strapped to their sides. Knives for all these outdoorsy action people must have good grip and be super sharp to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

  1. For a Collector

A knife collector will truly appreciate the gift of a polished new and unique blade. A knife enthusiast may be a generalist collector of different kinds of knives, or a specialist collector of a set era, region, type of knife, or particular theme. Find out the person’s specific fascination, and you will find the perfect gift! A custom-made knife can also be crafted for the knife connoisseur. Select from artistic blades and handles to create a one-of-a-kind gift to treasure.

  1. For a Hiker or Camper

These adventurous beings will be thankful for a multi-purpose knife. Look for a knife that is resistant to wear and tear, corrosion, and tough enough to handle different applications. Hikers and campers will love a knife that can offer everything from being able to splinter wood into kindling to take care of a can of beans!

For those who truly like to go bush and get deep into the wilderness, the resilience of a survival or tactical knife can be essential. Survival, or tactical, knives are versatile, durable and made to withstand a range of conditions.

  1. For a Wedding

The gift of engraved and personalized folding pocketknives from the groom to his groomsmen is becoming a popular theme. Small multi-purpose knives are also popular with the inclusion of an array of tools such as screwdrivers, tweezers, corkscrews, files, and saw blades. Multi-purpose knives are perfect for urban dwellers and country folks. It’s a great way for the groom to show his appreciation for the groomsmen’s support on the big day.

To personalize the present, pocketknives can be engraved with the groomsman’s name or initials. The gift of a pocketknife is a practical and useful acknowledgment that the groomsmen can use for many years to come.

  1. For the Home or Hobbyist

Good knives and knife tools for the home hobbyist are indispensable. The versatility of small penknives, multipurpose knives, and folding knives comes in handy for a number of day-to-day uses, from cutting through tough packaging to woodwork hobbies like whittling.

In many families, it can also be a tradition or rite of passage to give a small knife to a younger person as a gift when they reach an age old enough to understand the safety aspects of owning a knife.

You will also often find the legacy of a small folding or pocketknife may be handed down for generations in a family. A gift of a knife now may create an heirloom item that elicits fond memories for generations to come.

Why Knives Make Great Gifts

Knives can make wonderful gifts for many occasions. The choice of knife can be personalized to the recipient—right down to the type of knife, the intended use, design, features, colors, engraving, and etching. You will probably find there are a number of people in your life who will appreciate the gift of a knife, whether they keenly head out into the great outdoors for fun and recreation or just appreciate quality, precision, and the finer things in life.