​Folding Knife vs. Fixed Blade Knives: Which Knife Is Right for You?

​Folding Knife vs. Fixed Blade Knives: Which Knife Is Right for You?

Nov 8th 2018

When it comes to choosing an EDC knife, a lot comes down to personal preference and your lifestyle. However, several factors can help you decide which type of knife is most useful for your purposes.

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What Is an EDC Knife?

An EDC knife is an everyday carry knife or the knife you carry on your person for everyday purposes. You may also have other EDC tools or items, such as a multitool or a first aid kit.

While an EDC knife can be used for self-defense, its primary utilities lie elsewhere. Opening packages, carving wood, slicing apples, trimming shrubs, cutting seat belts in case of an accident, removing staples, cutting cords or ropes, or breaking a window open in case of an emergency are just a few of the many uses of an EDC knife.

Aside from the obvious utility of an EDC knife, an EDC knife can also grant carriers the confidence of knowing that they can handle more situations that life might throw at them. Simultaneously, an EDC knife must be practical to carry.

The Benefits of Folding Knives for EDC

Folding knives are perhaps the most popular choice for EDC. Most people are already familiar with folding knives, as they are common for pocket knives and multitools. Folding knives are compact and convenient for EDC. They don’t take up the same space that a fixed knife does and, because the blade is stored, carriers are less likely to cut themselves or others by accident.

However, a folding knife can also be more challenging to clean than a fixed blade knife. When folded, a knife can accumulate dust, dirt, and debris from cutting that can damage the blade and get trapped in the mechanisms, causing the knife to malfunction. Folding knives are also prone to moving around as you cut or “blade give,” meaning that the user doesn’t have the sturdiest possible blade.

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The Benefits of Fixed Knives for EDC

Although they’re less popular as an EDC choice, fixed blades boast several benefits. Fixed blade knives are durable and are usually stronger than a folding knife. Some fixed blade knives are full tang, which means the blade runs the entire length of the handle. This makes the knife much stronger than a folding knife and means you can cut stiffer materials with more ease. Because fixed blades lack a hinge, they’re also much less likely to collapse on your fingers accidentally during heavy use.

However, fixed blades lack some of the convenience of a folding knife. To carry them on your person as an EDC item, you need a sheath that you can mount to a belt, or you need to stow the knife in a backpack or bag.

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Knife Laws

Before you purchase your EDC knife, familiarize yourself with your home state’s knife laws and with the knife laws of states which you frequent. Many states’ laws vary considerably regarding knife possession. For instance, some states may have a limit on the length of knife individuals are allowed to possess, while others have restrictions on types of knives, such as butterfly knives or switchblades.

In certain states, some knives are legal to own but illegal to carry concealed, and specific knives are illegal to carry at all in some states. Breaking these laws can result in a serious fine or even jail time.

Which Knife Is Best for You?

The best knife for you will be the knife that is legal in the state you live in and those you frequent, that performs well when and how you use it, and that you feel comfortable using.

While a fixed blade knife is durable, folding knives are easier to carry and will also intimidate fewer people. Most people are also familiar and comfortable with pocket knives.

It’s also essential to choose a knife that performs when and how you need it. If you spend a lot of time hiking, hunting, or backpacking, a fixed blade knife can become an emergency spearhead, an emergency shovel, or even a hammer in a pinch.

However, if you will be using your knife to cut the odd cord, sharpen pencils, or open packaging, there might be little point in carrying a fixed blade knife.

Last Word

If you have any additional questions about fixed blade and folding knives, contact eKnives at (423)-525-9477 by calling or texting. We have a vast catalog and an impressive array of options for folding and fixed blade knives, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your purposes.