Get Armed and Organized with the KeyBar Key Organizer

Get Armed and Organized with the KeyBar Key Organizer

Posted by Clayton on Oct 26th 2017

What’s a KeyBar?

The KeyBar is a key organizer that folds all your keys away like a folding Allen key set. Simple and rugged, it is customizable and expandable. Key organizers have become popular as a way to organize your access so you aren’t constantly hunting for the right key. They also protect the sharp, pointy edges of the keys to keep them from poking or sawing their way through your clothing. Also, they add a level of stealth, as they keep your keys from jingling and jangling like a sleigh team on the Iditarod. This desire to eliminate the noise signature led to the development of the KeyBar in the first place.

The KeyBar company is headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, using high-quality U.S. materials and is one of the more innovative designs in the category, with several patents in the company’s portfolio.

Unlike other key organizers, KeyBar chose to offset the mounting pins to let keys neatly stow away. The result is no sharp pieces to snag or poke you through your pocket. KeyBar’s patented design also allows for greater capacity than their competitors by having two mounting points for keys and tools, which really adds to the usefulness of your key organizer.

Other key organizers have limited capacity, but the KeyBar can be expanded to hold up to 28 keys if you purchase the expansion bolts. Out of the box, it can handle up to 12 keys with the provided set of screws, or you can install a set of extension screws to raise that number to 14, 24 or 28 keys.

At that point you wouldn’t be putting it in your pocket, but it is a great solution for security guards, custodians and maintenance staff. Changing the screw size lets you add or limit the capacity based on your evolving needs.

Style Points

For the fashion conscious, KeyBars come in a variety of colors, materials and interchangeable clips. Some elaborate versions are available with different patterns, textures and CNC engraving.   Options include titanium, brass, aircraft-grade aluminum, copper, G10 or carbon fiber construction. Choose between stealthy and garish, classic and trendy. No matter what your style, KeyBar has an option or three to fit. If you really need to have a custom design, KeyBar can accommodate with a very reasonable five-unit minimum order.

Practical Accessories

The KeyBar could be accurately described as a customizable swiss army knife because it can hold more than just keys. There is a wide variety of customizable KeyBar accessories that include USB flash drive, mini utility knife, pry tool/screw driver, toothpick and tweezer set, titanium comb, a ‘Keyrabiner’ (aka carabiner), bottle opener, fork, pick, and quick-key tab to rapidly access a specific key.

Don’t forget to leave room for your keys!

 Weaponized Keys

Chavez Knives makes a custom KeyBar knife insert, a three-inch, razor-sharp blade manufactured in Belen, New Mexico. This item turns your organizer into a serious defense weapon — which makes a lot of sense as many attacks occur when people are accessing their keys for entry into their home or vehicle. At times like that, it doesn’t get much more convenient than having your weapon attached to your keys and ready to go.

If you decide to add sharp items to your KeyBar, you will need to manage your keys appropriately when travelling through secure areas. The Transportation Safety Administration may have something to say about a KeyBar with a knife passing through airport security.

Christmas is Coming

Aside from the basic functionality of the key organizer, you can make the KeyBar what you want it to be. Everyone can add those specific tools they find more useful on a daily basis, which is why they make fantastic gifts for anyone who has keys — which is basically anyone over the age of 10. You’ll manage to stretch a KeyBar gift out for dozens of Father’s Days, Christmases and birthdays with all of the accessory options. They’ll be lucky to have room for an actual key!

The KeyBar is one of those items you get that lasts a lifetime. You won’t wear it out, but you might replace it for a style changeup. Goodbye to holes in your pockets or jangling like Santa’s sleigh team. Pair it with a quality blade, minimalist billfold and a rugged watch for an EDC loadout that delivers.