Gift Guide for New Collectors

Gift Guide for New Collectors

Posted by Clayton on May 16th 2017

Collecting knives is one of the fastest growing and most fascinating hobbies in America. Knife enthusiasts can have a lot of fun researching and assembling a collection they can enjoy for many years or pass down as family heirlooms. It is also an excellent investment, and a carefully compiled collection will continue to grow in value.

Men comprise the bulk of people who collect knives, but women collectors exist. Angelina Jolie is known for her impressive knife collection and has collected weapons from around the world for decades.

New collectors may have trouble determining where to start, what types of knives to collect, and even how much to invest.

This gift guide will help you determine just the right gift for someone new to the world of collecting knives.

Type of Collector

Before determining what kind of knife to buy as a gift, you need to find out what your gift recipient likes to collect and choose something that fits with his or her taste. Knife collecting is a personal hobby, but any enthusiasts will appreciate something in their general spheres of interest.

Does your new collector enjoy history? Perhaps a replica of a famous knife like the Bowie knife or another period in history would make an excellent gift for this person.

If your new collector enjoys antiques, consider purchasing a replica of a famous blade.

Types of Knives

Custom knives have become a favorite among collectors. Often considered more a work of art than a working blade, they make an excellent addition to a collection.

Your new collector may have a passion for pocket knives, perhaps out-the-front blades and daggers, and maybe swords. Some even enjoy collecting knives made for specific activities like deer hunting or self-defense.

Other Types of Knife Collectors

Many people like to collect knives based on their characteristics other than the type of blade. For example, the handles of a knife, specific patterns, or brands.

A new collector might want to focus on bone handles, for example, or perhaps hand-carved handgrips. Pearl, bone, stag, or other handle materials may appeal to the new collector’s aesthetic sense.

Some collectors like to collect blades made by individual manufacturers or brands. Microtech, Marfione, or Jerry Moen are just a few of the popular, quality knives that collectors focus on buying.

Limited edition knives also make great collector items.

Movie and Modern Themes

Many collectors might find a way to integrate a new knife collection hobby with their existing hobbies. For example, there are Star Wars-themed blades available. Rambo knives are also very popular. Manufacturers often create knives based on favorite movies, comics, or fictional heroes.


The new knife collector may appreciate one of the many comprehensive guides to knives available. Price guides, specific types of knives, antique blade books, or guides to historical blades make great gifts for someone new to this hobby.

Club Memberships, Subscriptions, or Events

Consider giving your beginning collectors memberships in a knife enthusiasts club to help them navigate the world of knives. A subscription to a popular magazine for blade fans, like Blade Magazine or Knife World, is another terrific gift idea for rookie collectors.

Tickets to a knife exposition, and maybe airline tickets to attend one of the annual expos like Shot Show, the East Coast Custom Knife Show, or the Hawaii Knife Show make great gifts, too!

How Much Should You Pay?

The price you pay will depend on your budget and the knife you select. You can find excellent quality knives ranging in price from less than $100 to several hundred dollars. Always purchase collectible knives from a reputable seller.

Some Specific Blade Ideas

Here are a few ideas from distinct categories that make great gifts to start a collection:

1. Sean Ohara Eclipse Mother of Pearl Mokume Bolsters Carbon Damascus Blade

This beautiful high-end blade will be the epitome of any collection. Created by Sean O’Hare, it has a mother-of-pearl handle and was featured at the NYCKS New York Custom Knife Show.

2. Microtech Socom Alpha Tan G10 SE PVD Serrated 113-2PVDTN

Microtech makes excellent blades, and many collectors insist on having one in their collections.

The stunning Socom Alpha Tan has an overall length of 10 inches, with a 5-inch blade, the PVD tan Elmax, with part of it serrated. It weighs less than 8 ½ ounces and shows well when displayed.

3. Marfione Custom Mini Matrix R Asteria Blue CF/Titanium Stonewash M390

This exquisite blade has blued titanium accents with a carbon fiber/Ateria blue anodized handle. The blade comes in a carbon fiber box with a dust cloth, pouch, and a titanium Velcro Marfione logo.