Gift Guide for New Graduates

Gift Guide for New Graduates

Posted by Clayton on Aug 29th 2017

A knife is a terrific gift idea for any monumental occasion in a person’s life. What better way to commemorate an event as important as a graduation than with an elegant knife? Giving a recent graduate a knife is gifting them a token of their achievement and a physical reminder of what they have worked hard to accomplish. With that said, the style and quality of the knife are significant, and a good deal of thought should go into the selection of the blade.

While cost isn’t the most important determinant of the quality of a knife, it is typically true that you get what you pay for. A cheap knife won’t feel as though it were put together well, and it will wear out much more quickly than a blade of higher craftsmanship.

Remember, a graduation is a significant achievement that will affect a person’s whole life. The gift celebrating that achievement should last just as long.

Choosing the Right Material and Style

The material of the handle and the color of the knife can impart a lasting message to the recipient of the gift. Finely carved wood or bone handles tell a tale of elegance and grace, while knives with tough plastic handles are great for frequent use and a more rugged, outdoorsman feel. The choice of the material should fit with the personality of the graduate and reflect their interests.

Some modern-looking knives are built with a black plastic handle and a black steel blade. Others, like the Bastinelli/Fox Knives, have classic wooden handles. Some, like the Marfione Custom Socom Elite Stingray, have folded damascus steel that creates a rippling effect along the edge of the blade. These different styles send different messages, and you should make sure to carefully choose the exact message you want to send your new grad.

The style of the knife is another choice that should be carefully considered. Would your graduate prefer a knife that folds into its handle or the type that requires a dedicated sheathe? If he or she enjoys hunting, perhaps they would appreciate a large, sturdy hunting knife well-suited for field dressing an animal? The style you settle on will dictate the way the knife is meant to be used.

Customization and Personalization of Your New Knife

Something else to consider when purchasing a knife is the option of engraving the handle or blade. Many knives can be customized straight from the manufacturer, and whatever message you choose to include will significantly increase the sentimental value of the knife. If you opt for the engraved look, it is doubly important to select a knife of lasting quality. An engraved knife is a keepsake that will have significant meaning to the recipient for the rest of her life.

Along with the purchase of a fine new knife comes the possibility to accessorize for either aesthetics or utility. These accessories can highlight the potential value of the knife and should suitably match with the personality of the graduate for maximum impact. You can choose from a variety of sheaths, holsters, sharpening or cleaning kits from a wide range of knife accessories. You should be looking for something that complements the gift, making sure to avoid unnecessary distractions or accessories that take away from the significance of the graduation.

Choosing the Right Knife for the Right Person

It is quite important the knife you give reflects the personality of the recipient and serves to highlight the significance of graduation. Knives are, by their very definition, personal, and it is up to you to choose one that looks stylish and performs well in the field. A quality gift will be appreciated and put to good use for years to come.