Gift Guide for Young Hunters

Gift Guide for Young Hunters

Posted by Clayton on Apr 27th 2017

If you have a young and budding hunter in your family, consider one of our top ten gift suggestions. Any young hunter will be excited to receive a great holiday present in the hunting category. Count down to your hunter’s favorite one.

A Typical .22 Rim Fire Rifle

  1. Firearms

Having that first rifle is a rite of passage for youths who hunt. A “starter” gun is a great gift for a young hunter. The .22 caliber, rimfire, bolt-action rifle (available from a variety of brands like Remington, Ruger, and Mossberg) and the .410 shotgun are both excellent starter weapons for youths. They would not be appropriate for hunting bear or deer, but they will help the prospective hunter learn the principles of firearms operations.

.410 Shotgun Shells

  1. Ammunition

Old-fashioned bullets were made of lead. Frangible ammo disintegrates differently from lead ammo on impact, and it also doesn't leave a hunk of lead somewhere in the ground that ultimately can contribute to higher lead concentrations in the groundwater. Your young gun enthusiast will delight in receiving a brick of Remington Rimfire .22 LR bullets or a few boxes of .410 shells.

  1. Field Rations

Field rations often come in the form of freeze-dried meals to which you merely add water in the field. If you choose to buy these at an Army surplus store, just keep an eye on the expiration dates. While some of these foods can last as long as 20 years, others have five years or even less of a shelf life. Remember also that many field rations require water to cook and eat them, so look for open-and-eat rations that won’t require water or a fire. Any young hunters will value having compact food stashed away in their backpacks.

  1. Canteen

Today's vacu-form plastic canteens are designed to conform to the shape of your body and distribute the weight of the water (which is relatively heavy) in a way to make travel more comfortable. Your hunters are going to need to hydrate and will greatly appreciate having one of these new-style canteens with them during their expeditions. Multiple canteens can provide the water needed for hydration, de-hydrated food restoration, and some limited hygiene in the field.

  1. Sleeping Bag

A lightweight, high-tech sleeping bag can offer some degree of protection against insects and small animals. It will help your young hunters stay warm and comfortable with no threat of hyperthermia.

  1. Tactical Backpacks

With the variety of advanced designs you find today, modern tactical backpacks have pockets for everything. The ability to have all your gear organized, both in external and internal pockets and pouches, easily distributes the weight of the entire contents and makes for a much easier carry as you go out on the hunt. Pay attention to the straps that hold up these backpacks. You want to see padding over the shoulder areas and a two-inch-wide strapping.

  1. Camouflage Clothing

While you want to appear invisible to your prey during hunting season, you want to be highly visible to other hunters. Kids love camo, so it's just as much a fashion statement as utilitarian wear for hunters. When appropriate, you also should adorn them with fluorescent orange hats and vests to keep the hunters unwittingly becoming targets themselves.

  1. The Chaves Knives Redemption 2

Knives take the prime position in our top-ten gift guide for several reasons. For youthful hunters, it is valuable for them to become accustomed to having knives with them. The knife represents a tool that can be of invaluable utility in the field.

The Chaves Knives Redemption 2 OD Green/Black with it's DLC Hellbent Holsters Sheath is a fantastic piece of equipment. Hunters need not conceal their weaponry, and this fixed blade knife is a popular choice. The Redemption 2 feels incredibly natural in your hand as it caresses the inside of your grip. You are provided with a balanced instrument and the optimal ability to control the cutting surface with your hand. It is a limited-edition model, which will make this gift even more special!

  1. Microtech Socom Alpha CF Tanto Black Serrated Knife

Another example of a fixed blade instrument is the Microtech Socom Alpha CF Tanto Black Serrated Knife. A serrated knife is safer for a young hunter, as, unlike a solid blade, a serrated blade will not penetrate as easily in case of an accident. Serrated knives are best for slicing meat into pieces and better than a standard blade for cutting rope or notches in wood.

  1. ESEE Knives Candiru OD Green Fixed Blade Neck Knife 2″

Our number-one pick in our gift guide for young hunters is the superbly elegant  ESEE Knives Candiru OD Green Fixed Blade Neck 2" Knife. The quality of craftsmanship and the price of this product makes it a really good choice. While the blade may be short, the utility and whighly effective handle provide a sure grip that can come in handy in many situations. When presented as a gift, the recipient is sure to cherish it.