Gift Suggestions for Teenagers

Gift Suggestions for Teenagers

Posted by Clayton on Jan 14th 2016

With the holiday season fast approaching, you are searching the stores or the internet for the perfect gift to send your loved ones as a token of your love and appreciation. Shopping is hard enough, but finding the right gift for a member of a different demographic group, specifically teenagers, can present an even greater challenge.

When looking for a present for teenagers, parents and other individuals would ideally seek items with both an entertainment and personal growth contribution benefit. Although harder to find, there are certainly some items out there that can match these seemingly contradictory stipulations.

In fulfillment of these criteria, a knife could be the excellent addition to many teenager’s lives, depending on their lifestyle. The applicability of knives to one’s life extends far more than cutting food on a plate or buttering toast. Along with being a handy food resource, a knife could help artists, explorers, and other creator types. The teenagers may not already be professionals in these fields, but the right knife would provide them with the necessary tool to reach that level.

While knives are usually not the first options to come to mind for a teenager’s gift, there are multiple kinds that can help carve a smile on any young person’s face. As a potential present for a younger, less experienced individual, a knife’s specific design, applicability, and, above all, safety should be considered. In acknowledgment of these important considerations, here are the perfect gift suggestions for teenagers.

Besides, learning how to safely handle a knife is an important skill for any adult to have.

Top Three Types of Knives That Make a Perfect Gift for Teenagers

Folding Knife - If safety is your primary concern when purchasing a knife for a teenager, a folding knife is a top choice. Commonly referred to as pocket knives, these tools hide away the blade until pressed for exposure. This feature is useful for making sure those less careful do not cause danger to themselves or others when not putting it to use.

Folding knives are usually small, making it portable enough to be carried around always. Students who need a knife to work on art projects at home will find this to be very useful, along with anyone who desires to carry a lightweight knife in their pocket if anything needs to be cut into pieces.

Recommendation:  Microtech LUDT Jedi Master Yoda Star Wars 135-1JM – Do you know a Star Wars aficionado? If so, this Star Wars character inspired knife is an absolute necessity. This 8” knife has a 3.4” green blade that is heavily reminiscent of the Yoda character’s color. Make sure you purchase while supplies last because this knife has a limited production.

OTF Knife Artist types and aesthetically motivated individuals would be drawn to the Out-the-Front knife for its sleek, compact appearance. OTF knives have a hidden blade as well, except it retracts out vertically when the thumb slide is pressed. This kind of knife is also a safe option as the not-retracted state just resembles a USB drive.

Recommendation: Microtech Ultratech Purple Bayonet Black –This particular knife is lightweight at 3.06 oz. and 5 inches without the blade extended. The small width of the blade’s holder further contributes to it easily being transportable. The purple color is visually appealing, and the knife is available in many other colors as well.

Survival/Tactical Knives have fixed blades that come enclosed in a case. If you are buying a gift for an outdoorsy teen, a survival knife is a must-have! This knife is crucial for completing basic tasks in the wilderness like cutting rope or tree leaves to clear a path. The knife also has an edgy design that would get any fighting enthusiast teenager excited.

Recommendation: The Spyderco ParaMiltary’s strong compression lock assures avoidance of any accidental hand cuts when closing the blade. That feature is certainly non-negotiable for teenagers who are more accident-prone and need to prevent subsequent injury. The knife is extremely compact, ensuring that it can be stocked away in congested places, making it both easy to store and carry around.

The recommended knives can all be purchased online, along with many other products that are guaranteed to have immaculate performance and high durability. If you have trouble finding a specific knife, personalize one to meet your needs with the customized option offered by most major manufacturers.

Invest your money into purchasing a practical gift that could both excite and aid when in the hands of a teenager with potential.