A Guide to Different Types of Knife Sharpeners

A Guide to Different Types of Knife Sharpeners

Sep 7th 2021

A Guide to Different Types of Knife Sharpeners

If you are a new knife enthusiast, purchasing your first blade may bring joy and apprehension. You understand how quickly it can become dull without proper maintenance, necessitating that you learn to sharpen it promptly—but which sharpener should you choose? Fortunately, we have put together this comprehensive guide on different types of knife sharpeners so that you don't have to figure out what works best alone.


Unlock your blade's full potential with these rectangle-shaped sharpening stones that can be activated with water or oil. Whether they're natural or synthetic, they hone and refine the existing edge of a knife without needing to cut through it from scratch.

Electric Sharpeners

If you're looking for fast and effortless sharpening, an electric knife sharpener is the ideal choice. This compact device can be set up on your countertop in a matter of minutes, providing precision results with each use. With two or more slots featuring spinning stones of varying grit levels, you'll have total control over how edged your blade becomes.

Diamond Sharpeners

For a more extreme knife sharpening experience, you must look no further than diamond sharpeners. These tools use abrasives made from industrial diamonds to grind away dullness and restore blade edges quickly and effectively. Although they're economical in the long run, their initial price tag may be prohibitive for some knife owners.

Leather Strops

These simple yet effective tools are a favorite among professional cutlery experts and chefs. A leather strop is used to polish and align the existing edge of a knife, using additional honing compound or wax for extra protection. Although they don't provide much bite, they can keep blades from dulling too quickly in between uses.

The Right Sharpener Will Keep Your Knife's Utility Alive

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