A Guide to Marfione Custom Knives

A Guide to Marfione Custom Knives

Posted by Clayton on Mar 7th 2017

A fine, handmade custom knife has no equivalent. Owners cherish a custom knife for decades, both for practical use and as a collector’s item. Knives in this top category are made with exacting precision from top-grade steel, shaped with accurate and superior grinds, and given unique finishes, fittings, and handles. Custom knives are not just utilitarian objects; they are a long-term investment in a functional piece of art.

Make It Cutting Edge

It’s important to consider how you will use your custom knife as you choose the features. Blade steel is the most significant consideration, as the best type of steel varies by application. Choose a highly corrosion-resistant steel for high moisture environments or a tough steel for flexion resistance. Intense cutting and holding reliability are required for demanding tasks that require wear resistance.

The handle offers the most customizable features in a knife. It’s not just about what’s pretty or what looks good with the blade. The handle is the link between the hand the knife and requires thoughtful decisions on the durability of the material, as well as the shape and finish.

Custom knives are, without question, as much about beauty as function. Your embellishment choices should complement the intended use. A steel capable of being blued for an artistic effect must also meet your usability requirements. By the same token, embellishments like file work or a hand-engraved blade play a significant role in the value of the piece.

Separate the Sharp from the Dull

With so many options on the market, it’s hard to know which brands to choose. Marfione Custom Knife Company has one of the best reputations in the business. Marfione blades hold their value as collector items and stand up to the most rigorous use conditions. These knives and their maker are sought out for the unique combination of functionality and beauty present in each piece. You have to hold one in your hand to really appreciate the workmanship and engineering that has gone into making these custom knives.

Forged from a Humble Beginning

One of the powerhouses of the industry, Tony Marfione, started his company Microtech Knives Inc. in 1994. Tony started taking a more creative approach and has been labeled a creative knife genius ever since. His focus on pure functionality embellished artfully led to award-winning designs and a dedicated following.

In 1995, he released his first knife design, the HALO. It became the base for his larger Microtech company and even earned a cover spot on the 1995 edition of Fighting Knives Magazine. His knives took off, and he expanded his home-based business run out of his apartment and quickly moved into larger facilities as demand for his knives increased.

Tony’s company won two American Made Knife of the Year Awards for two different knife designs, both of which were Marfione’s designs.

The Double Edged Blade

Marfione Custom Knives is a separate, but related, smaller company that creates unique knives using the same high-quality materials and base design as Microtech, but these knives are not mass produced. All original Marfione Custom Knives creations can be identified with their trademark dagger logo displayed as a tang stamp.

These custom Marfione creations are truly one of a kind.

Customization That Will Keep You Riveted

Marfione knives offer you truly unique, one-of-a-kind custom knives that are not only useful but make great additions to any collection.

Tony Marfione handcrafts each custom design himself and personally confirms each knife’s unique characteristics. If you are buying a Marfione Custom Knife, you are buying a creation that Tony Marfione himself touched.

Marfione knives come in a wide variety of steel with unique sizes, colors, and patterns designed for particular uses. Each knife is checked post- and pre-design production to assure quality, safety, and originality.

No matter which style you choose, you know you are getting a Marfione original. Once a Marfione Custom Knife sells out, that specific design is no longer produced. Retailers have a very difficult time keeping Marfione Custom Knives in stock.

Always Within Throwing Distance

Authentic Marfione Custom Knives are classified as ultra-high-end, tactical products. They are manufactured exclusively in the United States using high-grade materials and are only available from a limited number of verified dealers.

Marfione Custom Knives and Tony Marfione himself are often spotted at shows and events that span across the United States and even in some international hot spots.

From Tang to Tip

The Marfione Custom Knives company is considered, by many, to have one of the top names in the industry. Marfione has earned respect from competitors and the public due to the quality knives the company consistently produces. The innovative designs, exclusive availability, and creative capabilities rank Marfione among the greatest knife companies in the world today.

Marfione Custom Knives are perfect for collectors, survivalists, and knife lovers alike. They are useful and practical and should never be overlooked.