Holiday Gift Suggestions for Women

Holiday Gift Suggestions for Women

Posted by Clayton on Feb 16th 2016

There are the obvious choices of gifts to get women for the holidays: chocolate, jewelry, perfume, or slippers. However, a unique and useful gift you might not have thought about is a knife.

Most people associate carrying or collecting knives with men. However, knives can be just as useful to women. Knives have many utilitarian functions outside of the kitchen. They make great, unique gifts for your loved one or family member who may never have considered carrying a knife. Blades are portable and durable and are handy devices to have on hand for a woman on the go.

Here are some ideas on choosing the right knife for your special female friend or relative:


Women, in general, have smaller hands than most men do. Consider a knife that will fit the gift recipient’s hand properly: a smaller blade that can be handled easily. An out-the-front (OTF) knife that she can deploy by simply pushing a button or sliding a lever with her thumb is a good choice.

For example, a Microtech UTX-85 has a 3.125-inch blade that retracts into a 4.5-inch handle. It even comes in violet, making it more fashionable for a woman! It only weighs 3.2 oz. and can easily fit in a purse. A thumb slide will let her deploy or retract the blade. There is even a pocket clip so she has easy access when working on her hobby, in the yard, or around the house.

Some other fantastic knives that are a good size for a woman include Danish-made Zero Tolerance 0220 Jens Anso. Though a little heavier, at 6.2 oz., than the UTX-85, it has a great feel and balance to it. It also has a pocket clip for easy access. This knife, called a flipper, opens the blade by flicking your wrist, utilizing a ball-bearing system.

Sleek and appealing to the eye, there is a nice orange anodized aluminum back spacer along with a built-in lanyard. Best of all, from a practical viewpoint, the tough S25VN stainless steel manufacture ensures a longer-lasting, chip-resistant blade.



While you certainly want a functional knife, there is no reason you can’t have a nicely designed, aesthetically pleasing one also. You can find quality blades in various colors, including classic pink that many women like.

Some blades have artistic designs on the blades or handles. Others have different shapes and sizes that may please a person more than other blades do.

Think about how she will use the knife, too. Will she open it with gloved hands? If so, then a thumb slide, button, or a knife that deploys the blade by flicking it open may be a better option.



The famous multi-purpose knife, known also by a popular brand name, the Swiss Army knife, is not just for men, either. Women also find it very useful to have a quality multi-purpose knife with various gadgets as well as a blade. A screwdriver, bottle opener, and other folding tools make these knives great gifts for women. These types of knives come in all sizes but are all made to fit in your pocket or purse.

The Emerson Multitasker is a fabulous, slim knife that has a blade, Phillips screwdriver, flat-tip screwdriver, and an awl. It folds up into a nice 4.25-inch package and only weighs 5.35 oz.



A folding knife can be very easy to conceal in your handbag. Most folding knives are only 3-5 inches long when the blade is not deployed. There are lots of colors to choose from, as well as types of blades and even carrying cases.


Women like to accessorize. There are numerous accessories you can purchase to go with a woman’s existing knife or to match whatever blade you purchased as a gift. For example, Microtech makes pens that complement any blade. The company’s Siphon II is made of tough stainless steel and uses Pilot G2 mini ink refills. It even has a serial number and date of manufacture stamped into it, making these nice collector pieces, also.


You can own a useful knife as well as one that is a bit fun or whimsical. Some of them are collector’s pieces. For example, there is a whole line of blades related to the Star Wars franchise.

Buy your sweetheart, female friend, or relative a green Boba Fett Bounty Hunter knife or a Jedi Ultratech Blue Star Wars limited edition knife for Christmas! They not only have quality blades that she can use for various purposes but they also make a great attention grabber and conversation starter.

Consider giving the women in your life a knife this holiday season. Carrying a knife is no longer just for men!