How Can Microtech Knives “Steel” Your Heart

How Can Microtech Knives “Steel” Your Heart

Apr 30th 2020

As a knife enthusiast, you appreciate a well-made blade. The type of steel used in the blade is a big factor in how well that knife will perform. There are so many different types of steel, yet only some are the best for knives. When it comes to Microtech Knives, they stick to only one kind to keep their premium quality and performance.

In this post, we'll talk about some of the most popular types of steel used in blades, and we'll put Microtech Knives under the microscope to check out which steel makes the best knife. Whether you're an amateur knife collector or a pro, this will help you out.

What Are The Different Types Of Steel For Knives?

There are 4 common types of steel for knives, each with its benefits:

  • Carbon Steel: This is the most popular type used in knives. It's easy to sharpen and offers good edge retention. However, it's susceptible to rust and corrosion.
  • Stainless Steel: As the name implies, this kind of steel doesn't rust as easily as carbon steel. It's also tougher and holds an edge better. However, it is more difficult to sharpen.
  • Tool Steel: This is a high-carbon steel that contains other alloying elements. It's very tough and wear-resistant but can be difficult to work with.
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel: This is a combination of the previous two types of steel. It's stainless but still easy to sharpen with good edge retention.

Which Type Of Steel Is The Best For Knives?

Out of all these types, carbon steel is the most popular for knives. This is because it offers a good balance between being easy to sharpen and having good edge retention. Stainless steel is a close second.

What Blade Steel Does Microtech Use?

Now that we know more about the different types of steel, let's look at what Microtech uses in their blades.

Microtech knives are made with a high-quality combination of the strongest steel. Their blades are crafted with several powerful steels, including Bohler M390 and Elmax. The Carpenter CTS-204P steel, manufactured in Philadelphia, is also a go-to steel for many of their production knives but M390 is what the fans want so Microtech obliges. This combines the stability of top-end steel with excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.

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