How Schrade Knives Became a Legendary Knife Company

How Schrade Knives Became a Legendary Knife Company

Posted by Clayton on Nov 1st 2012

The history of Schrade Knives is a long a winding one that encompasses everything you can imagine in the world of business.

Schrade Cutlery Corp

Schrade Cutlery Corp was an American knife manufacturer that started in Walden, NY in 1904 by George Schrade. George Schrade was an inventor from England who had his interest in the New York Press Button Knife Company. The company would be responsible for the push button knife (switchblade) as we know it today. Schrades first patent was a switchblade knife or automatic opening knife that put the company on the map.

Imperial Knife Company

Imperial Knife Company was started by Felix and Michael Mirando in 1916 out of Providence, Rhode Island. They would become the largest knife manufacturer in the world at one point and made a plethora of affordable folding pocket knives.

Albert Baer would purchase the Ulster Knife Company in 1941 and merge it with Imperial Knife Company to form Imperial Knife Associated Companies. IKAC would be responsible for producing  Military knives for WWII up through the Vietnam war which would see a huge growth in the company.

Schrade Walden

In 1946 The Baers would purchase the Schrade Cutlery Company and rename it Schrade Walden Cutlery Corporation, a division of the Imperial Knife Associated Companies. The now named Schrade Walden Division would move from Walden to Ellenville, NY.

Imperial Schrade

To keep restless investors at bay, Albert Baer would purchase all shareholders stock in Imperial Knife Associated Companies in 1983. He would then change the name to Imperial Schrade in 1985. In the early 1990's the company would venture into the multi-tool market and the Baers brothers would be inducted into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame.

Taylor Brands, LLC

After a century of being several entities and going through multiple changes and mergers, Imperial Schrade would be purchased by Taylor Brands, LLC a knife manufacturer and distributor of Smith & Wesson knives and now Schrade knives in Kingsport, Tn.

The New Schrade

Schrade cutlery is manufactured outside of the U.S. and while they continue to produce great quality pocket knives, it is their survival knives that are becoming extremely well known and sought after.