How To Gift A Knife (If You Don’t Know Anything About Knives)

How To Gift A Knife (If You Don’t Know Anything About Knives)

Posted by EKnives on Dec 5th 2023

Buying knives can be a complicated world to navigate if you are new. But if you want to make Christmas magical for the knife-lover in your life, this guide can help you with the process.

Whether you are trying to earn the title of “Best Uncle Ever” by buying your nephew his first EDC knife in a sale or you pulled your hunting-obsessed cousin’s name out of the hat for the family Secret Santa gift exchange, we’ve got you covered.

The Types of Knife Owners

Before delving into the different factors to consider when purchasing a knife as a gift, you first need to understand the two types of knife owners: knife owners who collect knives and knife owners who use their knives. Sometimes, there’s a crossover between the two, but a lot of the time, knife owners fall into one of those two categories.

Collectors care about the specs of each knife. They want to know the material of the blade and the weight of the cutter (down to the tenth of an ounce). Brands are essential to collectors. Aesthetics also play a role in which knives enter their collection; the blade serves little to no purpose if it is not aesthetically pleasing. You will want to do some research into the types of knives they like.

Knife users care more about the function and practicality of the knife. Find out what they intend to use a knife for to help you narrow down your search to something they will appreciate and find helpful. If they are just looking for an EDC (everyday carry) knife, a pocket knife with a folding blade could be an innovative and versatile start.

Before You Buy

If you’re new to knife buying, you’ll want to make sure you consider each of these factors before you start buying automatic knives online:

  • Functionality. The first factor you will want to consider is the type of knife you want to buy. Different occasions call for different knives; what you use to whittle sticks will be different from a knife used to skin an animal you just killed. Find out what the gift recipient wants to use a knife for, and that will help you determine which type of knife to get.
  • Safety. Understand the safety precautions a new knife owner will be responsible for. If the gift recipient is a minor, ensure you’ve got their parents’ sign-off for the gift. There’s no quicker way to go from the favorite aunt or uncle to the worst if they’ve opened the best gift ever and their parents take it away.

    You can always take safety measures by explaining the nuances of knife ownership. Teach them what are and aren’t acceptable times to use their new knife. Don’t forget to buy an accompanying knife sheath for safe handling as well.

  • Style. What you may not realize about knives is they are dripping in style. Consider the style of the individual you are shopping for. Are they more rugged and outdoorsy? Or sleek and chic? Their personal style can transfer over to their knife style.
  • Quality. Not all knives are equal. Quality can vary greatly among knives. For a gift, you want to make sure you are giving something that will last more than a few weeks.
  • Legality. Did you know that knife laws vary by state? Before you send a cross-country package with a knife wrapped inside, ensure it’s legal in the state where it will end up.
  • Price. The price points for knives can be an extensive range. For a gift, set a budget that you are comfortable with and then find something within that budget that you love. There is no use falling in love with some Microtech Knives for sale if you don’t have the money for them.


One way to make a gift feel special is to personalize it. Many knife companies offer personalized engraving on their knives. Some custom knives dealers can also take requests to personalize your knife even further, such as specific handle colors. This extra splurge will make the gift extra meaningful, and it will help it be more identifiable if it is ever lost.


Don’t forget to wrap the gift attractively. A box, bag, or even a ribbon can make the present look and feel even more special.

Knife Safety for You

When you receive the knife and as you handle it, be sure to have a basic understanding of knife safety yourself. Avoid touching the blade. Pass the knife by the handle. Please do not leave it in the reach of children. Don’t handle the knife while you’re distracted.

Although buying knives may be stepping out of your comfort zone, rest assured that you are going to make this holiday season a memorable one for the knife collector or knife enthusiast on your Christmas list.