KEYBAR Key Organizer For Your Pocket In Stock Now

KEYBAR Key Organizer For Your Pocket In Stock Now

Posted by Clayton on Nov 17th 2015

Are you ready to Stop the Noise? The KeyBar key organizer solves your key organization and jingling problems. Why you ask? Have you ever seen a janitors keys hanging from their belt loop or pocket? Have you ever heard them walking down the school hall jingling like crazy? It reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Elaine wanted to be able to hear the new employee so she made him use tic tacks which rattled when he walked, but I digress.

Keybar Logo

KeyBar is the remedy to noisy, disorganized keys in the pocket. Time and time again I battled a bulge in my pocket and not in a good way. It was my keys and it drove me crazy. Well Mike Taylor of Savannah Georgia decided to help eliminate that problem and invented the KeyBar pocket organizer. Key-Bar is an EDC (everyday carry) solution that will solve your key organization and noise problems for good. And best of all? You can clip it to your pocket like you do your pocket knife.


Mike was a chief engineer for high end hotels in Savannah so his job required he carry a ton of keys, like a janitor or locksmith. His coworkers would know it was him coming without seeing him because he "jangled when he walked". So according to Mike, there had to be a better way, enter the KEYBAR. A design he created in his home shop. This is what the original looks like.

first keybar

After selling to friends and their friends, Mike refined the keybar look and started using higher end materials and customizations out of Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Copper and Brass. Now the Keybar pocket key organizer is all over the Country and making waves in the knife and gun industry. Knife guys like myself especially like it because they can wear it on their other pocket like an EDC tool they need and use daily.


The KeyBar is 2 pieces of aluminum or titanium ususally with a set of flat head screws (long and short) to attach together.  A set of washers is also included along with the pocket clip. They are very easy to assemble and the keys stack on top of each other with a spacer in between, which allows them to move easily inside the KeyBar. It is made to expand as you need to add more keys making it very user friendly.


Ramon Chaves, a custom knife maker decided to collaborate with Keybar and came out with the Chaves Custom Keybar that comes equipped with the Chaves Knives skull clip which is highly sought after. It is only a matter of time before your knife will be part of the Keybar and it will be the only thing you carry.


Mike has done a terrific job and it couldn't happen to a nicer more patriotic guy. If you have ever met Mike Taylor you quickly realize he is a true Patriotic American living the American dream and he will do anything to make his customers happy. So.....Are you ready to Stop the Noise?