Knife Care Guide For Sharp Collectors

Knife Care Guide For Sharp Collectors

Dec 28th 2021

Nothing helps an outdoorsman like you feel more prepared than having a reliable knife in your pocket. After all, there's no limit to the tasks knives can help with while you're out and about. Whether skinning prey, whittling materials for shelter, or defending against wild animals, your blade goes through a lot. Not giving it the proper care can damage it and leave you without your trusty tool.

Some blades last decades and have been passed on from generation to generation. Because we know that you want to take care of your precious buddy for as long as possible, we've put together some tips to properly take care of your blades and pocket knives.

5 Ways To Keep Your Blades Shiny & Sharp

Worried about rust, decay, or dullness? Here are 5 tips to avoid all these and more from damaging your precious knives:

Tip #1- Keep Rust Away

Rust can easily develop on your knife, so wipe it down after each use and use a cloth with oil to prevent corrosion.

Tip #2- Make Honing A Regular Habit

Honing is an important part of knife maintenance that helps keep it sharp for longer periods. Use honing rods or whetstones to ensure your blade keeps its sharpness.

Tip #3-Sharpening On Occasion

You'll have to sharpen dull knives with a sharpener or put it back on the factory grind. It's important not to over-sharpen because it can damage the blade.

Tip #4- Cleaning & Lubricating

Cleaning is important for knives since dirt, dust, and other debris can get stuck in the blade. If you use your knife often, it might need to be lubricated occasionally. Use a good quality oil or lubricant to keep it functioning properly.

Tip #5- Proper Storage

Storing your knife properly will help maintain its condition and age gracefully. Place it in a dry place away from moisture, heat, and cold to avoid rusting or decaying.

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