New Marfione Custom Knives For Sale

New Marfione Custom Knives For Sale

Posted by Clayton on Nov 10th 2016

If its custom Microtech Knives you are after then you have come to the right place. The Marfione Custom Knives line is produced by the brain child and CEO of Microtech, the one and only Anthony "Tony" Marfione. Microtech Knives was founded by Tony and they have been a force in the knife community for many years now. The custom creations that Tony Marfione come up with will make you ooh and ahh all over the place.

Many of his knives feature high end materials and craftsmanship not found on most blades. High polished and hand rubbed blades are his specialty and you can expect high end hardware or anodizing on each knife created. The Marfione Custom packaging is also top quality.

It features a carbon fiber looking case with a soft zippered bag on the inside and the Marfione logo made of solid titanium. The zipper pulls on the bag are also the Marfione dagger logo and a water jet COA metal plate will also accompany the knife with all the details, very high quality.

This page will display many of the Microtech custom knives we will be getting from the Marfione Custom Shop. Here is a list of some of the custom knives you will see coming soon at

Custom Apex Fixed Blade

The latest creation to come out of the Marfione Custom knives shop is another collaboration between Tony and his son Sean called the Apex. The Marfione custom Apex is a fixed blade tactical knife that appeals to collectors and enthusiasts alike. The high quality 3D machined handle is made of carbon fiber and fastened with fitted hardware.

What really stands out on this beauty is the compound grind blade that is double edge and made from high quality Elmax steel. The custom blades on this range from Apocalyptic stonewash with satin flats, to a hand rubbed satin finish that looks gorgeous. Once you lay eyes on the Marfione Custom Apex you will have to have it. The sinister looking blade screams badass and the tight tolerances and quality craftsmanship from Tony Marfione is second to none. Overbuilt tactical fixed blade is an understatement. The Apex comes with a carbon fiber looking kydex sheath with BladeTech fasteners for vertical belt carry. Comes with custom Marfione packaging, metal COA, DOB and custom pouch.

Custom UTX-85

The Marfione UTX-85 is an OTF knife that was produced by Microtech many years ago and until now had been discontinued. MT has brought it back and we are stoked! The custom UTX-85 features the same blade length 3" and handle length, 4.5" with some obvious Marfione flavor. Hand ground Elmax blades give the 85 some flare. These are all serial numbered knives with hollow ground blades and double edge dagger goodness.

The handles are come all black anodized with the Marfione dagger logo on the front while the clip on the back features DOB, dagger logo, serial number and model. Notable upgrades to the Marfione UTX 85 include rounded edges for handling comfort and a redesigned firing slide that is easier to engage. The glass breaker features a ball tip in a triangle center base. This model is definitely a keeper and a much improved design from the old 85.

Custom Anax

The Microtech Marfione Custom  Anax is an integral frame lock folder and Winner of the "Blade Show 2014 Most Innovative Knife of the Year." This knife is custom produced in a variety of finishes and custom applications by Tony Marfione that include carbon fiber and titanium.

The Marfione Custom Anax has an Elmax blade in everything from black DLC to high polish mirror finish (see below). The handle features various options such as flamed, anodized, copper and black DLC hardware to name a few. The spine of the Custom Anax blade has tritium ampules for glow in the dark goodness should you need to find it in the darkest of situations. The Anax comes with custom Marfione packaging.

Custom DOC Killswitch (Auto)

A production side opening automatic collaboration with custom knifemaker Mick Strider. Together he and Tony created the D.O.C. (death on contact) in a flipper and automatic version. There are many custom options to the Killswitch that Tony has produced that include hand ground DLC stonewash, titanium and torched hardware.

Custom Star Lord

The Marfione Custom Star Lord is the first ever collaboration between Tony Marfione and his son Sean Marfione and it doesn't disappoint. Overbuilt custom creation is the first thing that comes to mind with this beefy folder that makes the DOC look like a gentlemans folder. The Microtech Custom Starlord features a superior materials, craftsmanship and engineering that make it stand out at first glance. The 3.5" drop point recurve blade is made from Elmax steel and comes in a variety of finishes including high polish mirror.

There is functional jimping on the spine and often a two tone effect on the blade. The handle comes in solid titanium and carbon fiber with anodized lock bar often matching hardware and pivot. For a larger blade, this sucker flips like a dream. A must have in your Custom Marfione knife collection.

Combat Troodon (Auto)

  • A staple in the Microtech Knives lineup, this OTF automatic comes in a variety of colors, blades and finishes. Tony applies custom finishes and polishes to this already beast of an out the front knife. Expect to see some custom Combat Troodons soon at


  • Another Strider Knives collaboration to surface from the brilliant minds of Mick Strider and Tony Marfione. The MSG II, previously a custom concept is going to production in late 2015 and custom applications will also surface on this beauty which is due in early 2016.

The Closer

  • A collaboration with knifemaker Koji Hara to collaborate on a knife that symbolizes traditional Japanese design with a Marfione twist. Slated for production in late 2015. Custom versions available now.


  • Anthony Marfione decided to collaborate with Munroe Knives designer D.C. Munroe. This knife features a patent pending spring loaded pocket clip and aesthetic designs that highlight both makers characteristics. Slated for production in late 2015, custom versions available now.

Tachyon III (Balisong)

  • Microtech Knives first Balisong knife introduced in 2000 followed by the Tachyon II in 2012. Redesigned for 2016 the Tachyon III features a 6AL-4V titanium handles and a silicon nitride race bearing system. There are many custom models from the Anthony Marfione Custom Shop including the DLC coated model below.