May the Force Be with You: Microtech Star Wars Themed Knives for Fans

May the Force Be with You: Microtech Star Wars Themed Knives for Fans

Posted by Clayton on Aug 25th 2016

The Star Wars franchise has made an epic comeback, and retailers all over the world are jumping on the merchandising bandwagon. With enough money, you can purchase all of the realistic costumes, weapons, and armor from these iconic movies. However, we’re all very disappointed that light sabers have not become a reality yet.

You can still keep the force with you daily with Microtech’s line of Star Wars inspired knives. Whether you consider yourself a Jedi or you’ve joined the Dark Side, Microtech has an OTF or flipper just for you. But don’t wait—these knives are flying off the shelves!

The Knives

Whether you’re a fan of flippers or OTF knives, Microtech’s Star Wars line will have something for you. These colorful knives are based on some of their most popular selling styles. For those that look for military-grade performance and versatility, Microtech has adapted their highly-acclaimed Combat Troodon series to the Star Wars line. The Combat Troodon knives are OTF knives built for utility and can easily be used in close quarters.

The LUDT style is prominent in the Star Wars line as well. The LUDT is based on Microtech’s original side-opener released years ago. The new-and-improved style features a larger blade and smooth, automatic action. Don’t forget the amazing Ultratech! This classic OTF knife has gotten a redesign as many of the most popular characters in the series.

These Star Wars knives feature the same quality materials and craftsmanship you expect from a Microtech product. They all feature ELMAX steel blades. ELMAX has been hailed as the newest “super steel,” better than any other steel or alloy for knife blades. The unique blend of metals gives this steel excellent corrosion resistance, exceptional wear resistance, and impressive strength and stability.

The blade colors are applied with cerakote for even more wear resistance and excellent color retention. The aircraft-grade aluminum contoured handle is perfectly designed to fit the character and your hand. The milling details are clean and functional. The pocket clips feature the Microtech custom markings for a distinctive, beautiful finish and versatile carrying.

The Characters

There are so many lovable characters in the Star Wars series, and Microtech has released knives for many of your favorites. However, the popularity of these knives leaves just a few left in stock. Some of the most widely recognized, iconic symbols of the Star Wars franchise are the Storm Troopers.

Those Empire soldiers who continually succumb to the crafty Jedi are translated perfectly to knife form in both the Combat Troodon style and the LUDT style. The sleek, all-white knives feature silver and black detailing in all the right places.

To round out the Dark Side, you can also choose the Sith Lord. This red blade with a black handle is currently released in the LUDT style, but it has also made earlier appearances in the Ultratech OTF style.

If you see yourself as more of a Jedi fighting for the resistance, there are knives for you as well! Whether you prefer to emulate Obi-Wan Kenobi with his blue lightsaber flashing or the guru Master Yoda himself, you can choose the right blade for your personality. Both the Jedi Knight and the Jedi Master are available in LUDT styles now.

The Ultratech OTF styles were amazing, but they sold out. The Jedi Knight features a blue blade on a black handle while the Jedi Master has a green blade on a black handle—just like the lightsabers in the movies.

The Accessories

The knives in this collection are showpieces themselves, but fans will love the themed packaging. Some of the knives in this collection come in a custom, limited edition Star Wars pouch. The red pouch features the Star Wars logo and other movie icons. It is the perfect way to store your new knife. The pouch is high-quality, protective microfiber with a snap closure to keep your knife secure whether you are carrying it or just displaying it.

Final Thoughts

With one of the most devoted fan bases in all of movie history, it is easy to see why these Star Wars theme knives are tough to keep in stock. However, you don’t have to be a lifelong fan to appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of these knives. They are perfect for an everyday carry piece or an excellent addition to a showpiece collection. Grab them while they are here because they won’t last long!