Product Spotlight: Mechforce Mechtorch Flashlight

Product Spotlight: Mechforce Mechtorch Flashlight

Aug 27th 2019

If you're looking for an EDC flashlight, look no further than the Mechforce Mechtorch. Designed and built in the USA, this flashlight will surely brighten your day (and night). The new Mechtorch is insanely bright and powered by a single 18350 battery. The white LED light is designed to mimic the sunlight, rendering the most accurate colors in the dark. The sleekly designed Mechtorch is waterproof, shockproof, and produces 1,300 Lumens of light. 

Mechforce Mechtorch Flashlight

Innovation and Quality

Mechforce takes pride in their innovated designs, detailed craftsmanship, and superior quality products. Located in the USA, they develop and manufacture the most advanced personal defense accessories. 

The Mechtorch series is a must-have EDC item. At just 4 ounces (with the battery), this lightweight flashlight is easy to carry with you, and the titanium pocket clip makes accessing it a breeze. Check out these impressive stats:

  • W 1.12" x L 3.38" x H 1.06" (4 ounces)
  • LEDs: 3X Nichia Warm White 219CT LEDs (Made in Japan) mounted on copper PCB
  • Lens: Carclo 10507 LED Optic
  • Glass: Hardened dual AR coated, 99% transmittance Japanese glass
  • Green GID Shim included (Glow in the dark)
  • Waterproof IPX7 rated
  • Battery: Recharcheable (Charger included)
  • Dual QLITE springs, shock proof suspension design
  • Material: Full Titanium (Stonewashed Anodized)
  • 3D CNC machined titanium pocket clip
  • 16 Tritium Vial slots (Tritium Vials NOT included) Size: 1.5mm OD x 6mm Long
  • Turbo Version Driver Specifications: H17Fx Driver w/ lucidrv2 - 7135 + FET
  • Designed by DrJones, this driver is one of the most advanced flashlight driver currently exist
  • Triple-channel output (2 X 7135 channels, 1 X FET chancel)
  • Temperature sensor with full thermal control and protection
  • Full user programmable, Off-Time Memory, Mode locking, Bump proof, Battery monitoring, Voltage indicator, Capable of power three LEDs to 1,300 Lumens

An EDC Essential

The Mechtorch is housed in a solid titanium body that boasts the highest strength to weight ratio. It seamlessly incorporates the best components available - from a hardened dual AR coated, 99% transmittance Japanese glass, Carclo 10507 LED Optic, a shockproof suspension design as well as the Dr Jones H17Fx Driver that's the most advanced flashlight driver in existence. If you're in the market for something that will reign supreme when night falls, the Mechforce Mechtorch EDC Flashlight is best in class. 

The Mechforce Mechtorch is available in a variety of colors. Click here to check out the variety that we have available, and contact us anytime if you have any questions. We're always happy to help you find the perfect piece. Call us at (423) 525-9477 and we'll be happy to assist you.