Medford Knives: History and Top-Rated Knives

Medford Knives: History and Top-Rated Knives

Mar 7th 2023

As you find yourself drawn to the prospect of adding a Medford knife to your collection, it's only natural to want to delve deeper and explore the fascinating history that has shaped these remarkable blades and even learn more about their current status as revered tools of the trade. This is where this blog comes in, bringing you the latest scoop on all things Medford. Let's get started!

History of the Brand

Who Is Greg Medford?

Thirteen years ago, Greg Medford, an Arizonan, established Medford Knife and Tool. He has since become one of the most reputable knife makers in the industry, admired for his exceptional craftsmanship, distinct blade shapes, and premium materials. With collectors and skilled blade users constantly seeking his work, Greg's signature designs are highly coveted.

Its Grandparents' Influence on His Values

Both his grandfather and great-grandfather deeply influenced Greg Medford. The first one, Ferris Medford, was a savvy hand craftsman who provided his leather goods to law enforcement peers. In contrast, the second one, Christy Nekitopoulos, deeply loved his country and created a trucking company that lasted for 100 years.

Their thriving mindsets instilled in Greg a great care for his country and a deep devotion to hard work, which he applies in his everyday work in Medford knives.

What It Means When a Knife Bears the MKT Logo

When one of his high-quality knives bears the MKT logo, it signifies Greg Medford's unwavering dedication to crafting extraordinary blades that serve a paramount purpose – ensuring the safe return of loved ones from their missions and adventures. This meaning comes from his experience on the battlefield, which left a long-lasting impression on his life and work.

Medford Top-Rated Knives

There are plenty of Medford knives in the market, but the following two are their top-rated ones:

Medford UDT-1 Fixed Blade Knife Black G10 3.5” S35VN Wharncliffe PVD

This model comes with sturdy milled G10 handles, and its overall length is 7 5/6″ with a cutting edge of 3.5″. These characteristics make it a durable and easy-to-handle option for your knife collection.

Medford on Belay Folding Tumbled Titanium Knife, Violet HW/Clip 4.1" Tumbled

The On Belay knife stands out for its tumbled titanium handles and a 4.1″ drop-point blade made from premium S45VN stainless steel that provides exceptional edge retention and ensures a smooth cut.

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