Microtech Blade Styles: The 2023 Guide

Microtech Blade Styles: The 2023 Guide

Feb 23rd 2023

When selecting the perfect knife, the world of blade styles is vast and diverse. To avoid getting lost in it during your next Microtech Ultratech knife purchase, we have developed the following blog, where we'll discuss the types of blades available, explain their different uses, and help you decide which style is right for you. Let's start!

Different Needs, Different Knives


The blade is an elongated shape with two sharp edges curving outward from its base to form a point at the tip. Its defining feature is the false edge or unsharpened portion near its spine, which gives it an angled, spear-like appearance.

This style is often used in tactical knives like the Microtech Ultratech because it allows quick penetration and slashing motions with minimal drag or resistance on lighter materials.


The dagger is one of the oldest and most recognizable designs among knife blade styles. It has two long symmetrical edges that extend directly from its spine to form a sharp tip at the end.

Daggers are ideal for piercing tasks as they offer maximum thrusting capabilities and minimal risk of slipping off course.


The Tanto's blade shape resembles the bayonet but has a straighter edge. Its tip is sharply angled, allowing strong penetration and prying capabilities. This style is best suited for heavier cutting tasks as its short point gives it greater strength and less risk of breakage.

Spear Point

The spear point is a symmetrical blade with two long, sharp edges that meet at an acute angle in the center. Its tip is slightly rounded, allowing for smooth penetration and flank-cutting capabilities. Due to its slim profile and fine tip, it's used for piercing and stabbing tasks.

Drop Point

The drop point blade is one of the most popular knife blade styles as it features a curved edge that terminates in a thick, strong tip. This style is frequently used for hunting and outdoor knives as it offers excellent precision control while maintaining enough strength to handle tougher tasks.

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