Microtech Halo 6 Knives For Sale

Microtech Halo 6 Knives For Sale

Posted by Clayton on Jan 16th 2018

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One word describes the Microtech Halo VI, BIG! The largest of the Microtech OTF knives,  the Halo measures almost 11" overall (equal to the Makora II). The Halo is a single action automatic unlike the rest of the OTF (out the front) Microtech knives circulating the market that are D/A double action. Like other MT OTF knives, the Halo 6 fires hard, locks up even harder and has very fast action.

Microtech is known for quality and precision and that is very evident with the Halo series, where tight tolerances are the smallest of margins. Over the years the Halo has had various handle colors and blade configurations. The current colors range from OD Green and Blue to Black and Tan with a Clip point or Tanto edge. 


The Halo 6 blade is a stout 4.3" in length and has a thickness of .17". It comes in a single edge blade with a variety of finishes standard to MT such as, Satin, Bead Blast, Stonewash and black. The Microtech Halo blade has the infamous blade notch on the spine which allows for the firing button to recess in it and keep the blade retracted.

The Halo is not a dual action automatic like the other OTF knives from Microtech so in order to retract the blade you have to depress the firing button and pull back the charging handle (as seen below) to retract the blade. One the handle is pulled back all the way the blade will retract. Then the charging handle can be pressed back in to the handle and ready for fire.


The 6" (1/2" thick) handle of the Microtech Halo 6 is a black anodized T6 6061 aluminum with a black charging handle and bead blast hardware. The single action automatic fires via push button located on the front of the handle for very fast action. There is jimping on the sides of the handle for superb grip.

Many of the tactical OTF Microtech knives are coming with the tightest blade to handle ratio in the business. The Halo 5 falls into that category with the blade tip just barely protruding the blades exit point. When Microtech finishes assembly, they grind down the tip of the blade so that is is almost flush with the exit point. I have seen this with a lot of the newer model OTF knives from Microtech and the Halo V is no different.