Microtech Knives For Sale

Microtech Knives For Sale

Posted by Clayton on Sep 1st 2015

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Starting in 1994, Microtech has been building some of the most quality combat knives in the industry. Manufactured in the USA and designed by Anthony Marfione, Microtech knives are built with no shortcomings when it comes to innovation and quality.

When you are buying a Microtech Knife, you know you are getting one of the most finely crafted knives ever built, with the best guarantee in the knife industry. Below are some of the best selling designs of Microtech Knives so you can make an informed decision about which knife is most suited to your needs.


The Ultratech is one of the most iconic Microtech knives on the market. While the blade dimensions and chassis remain the same as previous models, the new tri-grip pattern is built with a contoured handle, providing the knife with a lighter, more ergonomic grip. Typically, the spring stays at rest, both in the closed and open positions, to decrease wear.


The UTX-70 model is built in the same style as the Ultratech, but is around 70% of its size. The decreased size of the UTX-70 makes it much easier to conceal and operate. Like the Ultratech, the spring stays “at rest” so the knife will operate without fatigue when fired.

Combat Troodon

The Combat Troodon is a popular choice among military personnel, law enforcement, and first responders because of the many different uses that this knife serves. With its radical design elements and contoured shape, this knife is perfect for everyday purposes.


While 25% smaller than its larger counterpart, it still has a similar internal mechanism for seamless operational functionality no matter the conditions. The slim handle design ensures the knife is much more concealable and has an easier-to-fire action that makes it a very popular choice among the Microtech knives.

Navy Scarab

Crafted to serve the purposes of a Navy Seal team, the Navy Scarab employs an innovative double action out-the-front design that is meant to combat the effects of water. To counteract the harsh elements brought on by saltwater conditions, the Navy Scarab is designed to fire even when it is completely submerged at a diving depth. In addition, the firing mechanism is illuminated for increased visibility in low light conditions. It comes with a load-bearing carry pouch.

Nemesis IV

In 2015 came the re-release of the Nemesis IV, a very popular choice that has only existed in a few production runs to date. What sets this knife apart is that it features an anodized aircraft grade aluminum chassis that has a 3D machined slide safety and firing button. To retract the blade, a stainless steel charging handle is released through a liner lock on the side of the handle. This model comes with a molded Kydex carry rig.

H.A.L.O. V

The H.A.L.O. V is a long-time Microtech staple that is famous for its lightning-fast blade deploy. Fired with just the touch of the button, and retraced with a charging handle, the action remains very smooth, and the plunge lock mechanism gives excellent lockup. A slender and clean 6061-T6 handle ensures that the long handle and long blade combo are more concealable. It includes a molded Kydex rig for safer and easier transportation.


The Anax has a sculpted 7075-T6-alloy handle that has a matching 3D machined lock bar that includes a robust lock face and a silicon nitride detent bearing. The threaded integral lanyard mount and the silicon nitride ball bearing keep the jib in your pocket clip.

The blade is built from Bohler ELMAX, which ensures that it is sharpened and perfectly ground. The silicon nitride bearing race plate makes for ultra-smooth operation. Going beyond simple mechanics, the Anax includes several stunning aesthetic design elements, such as the chamfered blade spine with custom checkering. It also features jibbing from the blade to the handle, with progressive dots that replicate the tail of the Anax genus of dragonfly.

The Closer

Launched in fall of 2014, the Closer was built with inspiration from traditional Japanese style in addition to modern aesthetic and machining. The body of this knife contains a black G10 contoured handle to draw attention to the details of the bamboo pattern. The hardware is bead-blasted with 6AL-4V titanium and has an integrated lanyard loop in the back spacer. Not only that, the pocket clip has a silicon nitride ball bearing that keeps in the jib.


The MSG II is being released in a limited run production piece. Designed by both Anthony Marfione and Mick Strider, it has a double action automatic folder. The MSG II can be used with a thumb stud or fired using the button situated on the handle. The contoured handle is built using ordnance grade aluminum and textured with Microtech’s tri-grip pattern.