Microtech Knives: Are They Legal in New Jersey

Microtech Knives: Are They Legal in New Jersey

Nov 12th 2020

Are you a knife enthusiast residing in New Jersey? Have you ever considered buying a Microtech knife and wondered if it was even legal to own one in the state? Well, don't worry - we're here to answer all your questions regarding purchasing and owning a Microtech OTF knife in New Jersey.

While navigating certain laws can be tricky, understanding the legal ramifications of owning an automatic knife such as the famed Microtech will save time and effort for knowledgeable buyers and those new to knives. So don't fear because we've got your back - keep reading our post today for all there is to know about legally carrying and owning a Microtech Knife!

What Are Microtech Knives?

Microtech Knives are a popular brand of automatic knives, also known as switchblades or automatics. These blades are spring-loaded and automatically deploy when the user presses a button or lever on the handle, making them ideal for use when quick access to a sharp blade is essential.

While these types of knives have historically been associated with crime and violence, today, they are widely used for a variety of purposes by knife enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Prohibited Weapons & Devices In New Jersey

Any individual who possesses any gravity knife, switchblade knife, dagger, dirk, stiletto, or ballistic knife with no reasonable legal purpose is guilty of a fourth-degree crime.

Moreover, anyone holding any weapon besides a firearm for malicious intentions against another person or property will be liable for third-degree criminal charges.

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