Microtech Knives: Legality In Texas

Microtech Knives: Legality In Texas

Aug 20th 2020

There's nothing like purchasing a new, sharp, and perfectly elaborate blade. Microtech is known for nothing less than its quality, craftsmanship, and precision. But are they legal? Are there any restrictions on owning or carrying a Microtech knife?

In this blog post, we'll explore the legality of Microtech knives in the state of Texas. If you're planning to purchase a Microtech Ultratech, UTX-85, UTX-70, or Combat Troodon, read this blog first!

Are Microtech Knives Legal In Texas?

The recent knife legislation in Texas permits individuals to possess any bladed implement or weapon, sans limitations, in all spaces that allow knives. Although, it is still unlawful to transport any knife into a prohibited area such as a school, government building, or police station.

The new law has broadened these restricted areas, so you should be mindful of the most current changes to avoid accidentally carrying a blade into an off-limits zone.

Also, this new legislation effectively allows the carrying and possessing full-size swords, daggers, double-edged blades, switchblades, and a machete in public as long as they do not enter restricted places.

What About The Ultratech & Combat Troodon Models?

Both of these models are OTF knives, also known as switchblades. A switchblade is a knife with a blade that can fold and extend quickly with little effort. Some switchblades have buttons or triggers that are activated by pressure.

Switchblades are banned in many jurisdictions because they are easily hidden and are capable of causing severe personal injury. Many states, however, have strict laws on switchblade sales and possession. In Texas, for example, a 2013 amendment to the Knife Act canceled the prohibition on selling and keeping switchblades.

Are You Interested In Adding A Microtech Model To Your Collection?

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