Microtech LUDT Knives For Sale

Microtech LUDT Knives For Sale

Posted by Clayton on Dec 29th 2016

Microtech LUDT Knives In Stock

Microtech has once again brought back a new and improved model from years ago. This time it is the Underwater Dive Team model that Anthony Marfione created more than 20 years ago. The L.U.D.T stands for Large Underwater Dive Team and it is a tactical automatic knife with some improvements over the last model.


The current Microtech LUDT features a very high quality M390 steel not seen too often in Microtech's lineup. They typically go with Elmax, another high quality steel. So it is nice to see the change here which many would say is second to none when they talk about M390. The LUDT drop point blade is a little over 3" long and has a crowned spine and thumb ramp jimping for leverage.

The blade has a reinforced tip for penetrating and on the blade is all the details of the knife including, L-Underwater Demolition Team, Serial number, date stamp and Microtech logo.


The Microtech LUDT handle is made of anodized aluminum with milled ergonomic features that make it very lightweight and easy to hold. Comes with paracord lanyard, tri wing hardware and a tip up carry pocket clip in bead blast or black finish depending on the model. All tactical models feature blacked out hardware. All other models with have the bead blast finish hardware and clip.

Push Button

The push button auto fires like a rocket and the plunge lock ensures rock solid lockup when carried. The LUDT has been a best seller for Microtech Knives since the 90's and after being away for a long while it is back and better than ever. The pricing on these is very reasonable as well when compared to some other out the side autos like Protech and Benchmade.

Anthony Marfione Custom LUDT

There will be several Custom LUDT models from the Anthony Marfione custom shop to come out in addition to the production version. Currently the Microtech Brass LUDT is available and what a piece of work it is. It is not custom but a very cool looking LUDT.

Star Wars Theme Knives

The Microtech Knives family has expanded into the Star Wars Theme knives and along with the Ultratech comes the LUDT Sith Lord and Storm Trooper models. The LUDT Storm Trooper model has a white coated blade and aluminum handle with ringed hardware.

The Sith Lord LUDT has a black chassis with ringed hardware and red blade. The Jedi Knight will have a blue blade and the Jedi Master with have a green blade.