Microtech LUDT Review: An Essential EDC Pocket Knife

Microtech LUDT Review: An Essential EDC Pocket Knife

May 21st 2019

If you’re not a Navy Seal or Frogman, you may not think you need a pocket knife as tough and rugged as the Microtech LUDT in your pocket for everyday use, but this is not the case. Everyone needs a reliable, sturdy, EDC knife they can depend on in times of need.

The Microtech LUDT may perform like a knife that accompanies large underwater demolition teams, but it is approachable, easy to use, and good-looking. This particular blade is lightweight and comfortable to hold and has an explosive deployment, unlike most other knives this size.

Here are some more details about the Microtech LUDT to better inform your purchase.

A Perfect Everyday Blade

Although the Microtech LUDT knife is a weapon and tool prized by expert military personnel like the Navy Seals and Frogmen from WWII, it is also a tremendous all-round knife. If you’re wondering what to look for in a duty knife, look no further than the Microtech LUDT.

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Easy to tuck away and comfortable in your hand, the Microtech LUDT combines the strength of high-quality materials, a beautiful drop-point design, and fast-moving deployment action for an incomparable tool.

The Microtech LUDT Blade

There are a few things Microtech got right when designing this particular blade—the length, the materials, the shape, and the grind.

This particular tool comes from a well-known company that specializes in exceptional knives with a tactical flair. The LUDT is different from other Microtech knives in that it looks less like a military knife and more like an EDC knife, and this is mainly due to the length of the blade.

At 3.42 inches, this blade is neither too long nor too short for most everyday tasks. Most 4-inch blades become unwieldy when you’re trying to accomplish delicate tasks, and 3-inch blades tend to fall short when faced with culinary expectations. However, be aware that blades over three inches are prohibited for concealed carry in many states.

The LUDT blade is made of Bohler Elmax steel, a German metal used in many high-end knives. Bohler has perfected its recipe for this powder metal formulation over the years, and this steel dramatically exceeds the quality of mixtures like 154CM, providing exceptional edge retention.

You can get the LUDT blade in a few finishes—black coated, bronze or bead blasted, a satin finish, or a custom finish. The matte black coating is the most common finish you’ll see on a Microtech LUDT blade; bead blasted is a process in which the edge is blasted with beads, creating a dull, cloudy finish; a satin finish is shiny and reflective.

Finishes protect the blade from corrosion, although they will slowly wear away over time. If you need to know how to get rust off a pocket knife, there are some easy solutions.

The thin grind on the Microtech LUDT makes this superb for cutting and slicing. But it’s not so thin that it will make the blade vulnerable to snapping when performing more heavy-duty activities.

Excellent Deployment Action

Microtech LUDT knives are switchblades, also known as OTF or out-the-front knives. The blade is folded into the handle until a spring deploys it with a speedy motion. The LUDT includes, as most switchblades do, a locking mechanism so the blade will stay in the open placement.

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The button for deployment is located on the handle. When depressed, the blade snaps out of the knife’s side. Microtech’s potent spring means this blade fires out of the handle with volatile motion.

Thoughtful Design Touches

The LUDT has a drop-point design, featuring a curved spine. When looking at the LUDT from the side, it creates an unbroken arc from the butt of the handle to the tip of the blade.

The aluminum handle is low-density but gives the knife the heft it needs to balance out the blade. Four grooves run the length of the handle and mold it to your hand. A lanyard hole provides a secure spot for a tether, and the pocket clips keep your knife right where you want it while carrying.

The Final Word

With the LUDT, Microtech has taken the durability of a military-style knife and refined it for everyday use. A superbly strong blade with excellent deployment and considerate design details make this one of the best EDC knives. If you’re looking for a subtle but extremely hard-working knife, the Microtech LUDT is your answer.

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