Microtech/Borka Blades Stitch Auto Knives DLC, Bronze, Apocalyptic

Microtech/Borka Blades Stitch Auto Knives DLC, Bronze, Apocalyptic

Posted by Clayton on Jun 6th 2017

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One of the most popular knives to come out over the last year is called the "Stitch" from custom knifemaker Sebastijan Berenji of Borka Blades. Sebo, is an up and coming knifemaker who is highly sought after and his Stitch frame lock creation has commanded the masses.

The Stitch made its debut at Blade Show 2016 and since then it has been a force to be wreckoned with in the knife market. He has several custom versions out of various materials and his signature Borka Blades crest on the blade in many of them.

The chisel grind Stitch is a popular blade as well as the all black DLC handle and blade. The Borka Blades Stitch measures 8.5 inches overall with a 3.75 inch blade made out of high quality M390 steel.

The 5 inch handle is made from titanium and comes anodized, black DLC or standard. The stitch weighs in about 6 ounces and is a tactical folder made to be used.

Microtech Stitch Auto

In late 2016 Sebastijan Berenji and his mentor Anthony Marfione of Microtech Knives decided to produce an automatic version of the Borka Blades Stitch called the Marfione Stitch Auto. The automatic Stitch immediately went into production at Microtech HQ and did not disappoint.

The Microtech Stitch Auto is an all titanium handle frame with an M390 blade that fires via Microtech's spring loaded mechanism. The push button automatic has rock solid lockup and the blade comes in Microtech's Apocalyptic stonewash finish.

We expect the Stitch to come in an all black DLC version by midsummer, because that is what the masses want to see.

Rare Microtech Marfione Custom Stitch

At knife shows the big guns show up with some wicked pieces. For the 2017 TKI (Tactical Knife Invitational) Anthony Marfione (Marfione Custom) and Sebastijan Berenji (Borka Blades) created 4 limited edition serial numbered custom Stitch knives.

This custom stitch with a W2 hamon blade is pure sexiness. The handle is all titanium with lightning strike carbon fiber inlay that makes the knife a must have.

There are only 4 serial numbered Marfione Custom Stitch knives and Eknives was lucky enough to snag serial number 2. It is an expensive piece but a very rare creation. The Marfione Stitch comes with all the Marfione custom packaging.