Microtech & RMJ Tactical Knives: How Different Are They?

Jun 13th 2022

As a knife enthusiast, you know that there are different knives for different purposes. There are hunting knives, boning knives, fillet knives, and tactical knives, to name a few. What exactly is a tactical knife?

A tactical knife is designed for self-defense and military use. It is typically heavier and larger than other knives, making it ideal for stabbing or slashing motions. In this blog, we’ll discuss the two most popular types of tactical knives: Microtech and RMJ Tactical Knives.

Microtech Vs. RMJ Tactical Knives


Microtech knives are made to extremely tight tolerances (usually within 0.005”). This results in a very precise and sharp blade, but it also means that the knife is more likely to break or chip if used improperly.

RMJ tactical knives are also made to tight tolerances, but not as tight as Microtech knives. This results in a sharp and precise blade but not as fragile as Microtech knives.


Microtech knives can be purchased with different blade shapes, finishes and handle colors. You can also get your knife engraved with a personal message or logo.

RMJ tactical knives can also be customized, but to a lesser extent than Microtech knives. Blade shapes and handles colors are the most common customization options for these.

What Each Knife Is Used For:

Microtech knives are typically used for self-defense, military, and law enforcement applications.

RMJ tactical knives are also often used for self-defense, military, and law enforcement applications.

How to Use Each Knife Properly:

Microtech knives should be used with care and precision. The sharp blade and tight tolerances make it easy to damage the knife if used improperly.

RMJ tactical knives can be used more roughly than Microtech knives but should still be handled with care. The slightly less sharp blade and looser tolerances make it more durable than Microtech knives, but it is still possible to damage the knife if used improperly.

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